Award for License Premises Staff

Selling or supplying alcohol to individuals without a premise license can result in severe penalties, including an unlimited fine or a 6-month prison term.

This alcohol license course is designed to offer comprehensive training for businesses that either intend to serve alcohol or already do so on their premises, making it an ideal choice.

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Empower yourself through our online CSE training, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to protect children from sexual exploitation. Join our virtual platform to learn how to identify, prevent, and respond to CSE effectively. Enroll now and contribute to creating a safer online environment for children.

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Concussion Awareness

Ensuring your staff knows how to prevent and respond to concussions, particularly during medical emergencies, is crucial. Our online Concussion Awareness training course enhances their knowledge of concussions in adults, children, and sports, equipping them with effective treatment strategies.

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Consumer Rights Act Training Course

Our Consumer Rights Act Training course aims to educate learners on consumer rights, consumer contracts, unfair business practices, and the management of unsolicited marketing communications.

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate consumer rights effectively.

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Coronavirus Awareness and Infection Control Info

Coronavirus Awareness and Infection Control Info is a comprehensive training course designed to educate participants about the COVID-19 virus, its transmission, and effective infection control measures.

It aims to raise awareness and provide practical skills to manage and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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County Lines and Knife Crime Training Course

This County Lines & Knife Crime training course provides you with the knowledge and skills to understand and identify children and young people who may be vulnerable to exploitation.

It also helps you support them and mitigate their risk of being recruited into county lines and involved in knife crime.

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Criminal Finance Act Awareness

Ensure your staff understand the significant implications of tax evasion and their workplace responsibilities under the Criminal Finances Act 2017.

Enhance their skills and knowledge with our comprehensive training course. Enroll now.

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Customer Service Awareness

The customer service representative is often the first point of contact for customers, making their role crucial in shaping initial impressions.

This online training equips your staff with essential skills and knowledge for effective customer service.

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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Mitigate the risk of breaches and incidents with our Cyber Security Awareness training course. Foster a culture of cybersecurity and educate employees on best practices for seamless security.

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Dignity, Privacy and Respect

This CPD accredited Dignity, Privacy, and Respect training course emphasizes the importance of self-respect and self-esteem for mental health and wellbeing.

It provides essential knowledge on respecting and protecting privacy and dignity in a care setting.

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Disclosure and Barring Service Awareness

Enroll your staff in the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check course to enhance safer recruitment practices and protect vulnerable groups, such as children.

This course equips employers with the knowledge to conduct thorough background checks, ensuring unsuitable individuals are prevented from working in sensitive roles. Meet legal requirements and prioritize safety by enrolling your staff today.

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Duty of Candour

The Duty of Candour training course ensures that care staff possess the necessary knowledge and skills to comply with the legal requirements set out by the Care Quality Commission’s ‘Regulation 20: Duty of candour’.

It emphasizes the importance of taking specific steps when harm occurs to a supported person.

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Emergency First Aid Awareness

Under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, employers must provide proper equipment, facilities, and trained personnel to administer first aid in the event of employee injuries or illnesses.

This Emergency First Aid Awareness course equips your staff with essential first aid skills and knowledge required for your business.

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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Training

This FGM training course is specifically designed to equip your staff with the essential knowledge on Female Genital Mutilation and the ability to identify its signs as part of their safeguarding responsibilities.

It is tailored for individuals working with children, young people, and adults in safeguarding roles, as well as those in various volunteer positions.

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Food Safety Level 3

This course is designed to ensure that you hold an advanced level of knowledge of food hygiene.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including allergies and intolerances, food poisoning, legislation, food safety enforcement, microbiology, temperature control and storage, personal and workplace hygiene, pest control, and waste disposal.

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Forced Marriage Awareness

It is crucial that your staff understand how to recognize the signs of forced marriage and what steps to take if they suspect someone is at risk. We offer an online Forced Marriage training course.

It is CPD accredited and enhances awareness of forced marriage.

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