Practi-Baby 4 Pack With Carry Bag

The Practi-Baby 4 Pack with Carry Bag provides a hands-on approach to infant CPR training.

The pack includes 4 Practi-Baby manikins, the most lifelike infant manikin available, with jaw thrust maneuvers and airway systems for realistic simulation of breathing.

An audible feedback system and AED awareness ensure a comprehensive training experience. The pack is affordable, allowing for widespread distribution and invaluable hands-on training for multiple students.

The included carry bag makes transportation and storage convenient.

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Practi-Baby With Carry Bag Individual

This affordable manikin pack provides hands-on training to multiple students, allowing them to gain valuable experience in performing infant CPR. It is an essential tool for any healthcare provider looking to learn or enhance their CPR skills.Train multiple students with ease using Practi-Baby 4 pack with carry bag – the most lifelike infant manikin for high-quality CPR training.

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Practi-Man Advanced 4 Pack Including Carry Bag

Practi-Man Advanced First Aid Manikin 4 Pack Including Carry Bag

The Practi-Man Advanced First Aid Manikin 4 Pack is a comprehensive solution for advanced first aid training. This pack includes four high-quality manikins and a carry bag, making transportation and storage a breeze. Each manikin is designed to simulate various medical scenarios with realism in mind, allowing for lifelike simulations of CPR, first aid, and other emergency response techniques.

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Practi-Man Advanced With Carry Case Individual

The Practi-Man Advanced with Carry Case Individual is an essential training manikin for those who want to master high-quality CPR. The manikin has realistic airway and chest rise, an audible feedback system, and a durable construction. It also is AED aware, ensuring that the pads do not leave any residue on the skin.

The Practi-Man Advanced comes with a convenient carry case for easy storage and transport. With its lifelike features, this affordable manikin provides a valuable hands-on training experience for medical professionals and students. Whether in the classroom or on-site, the Practi-Man Advanced is the perfect choice for CPR training.

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Practi-Man Standard 4 Pack Including Carry Bag

The Practi-Man Standard 4 Pack offers an affordable and lightweight solution for effective CPR training.

The manikins feature a unique valve system that allows for easy lung replacement between training sessions, providing greater infection control and cost savings.




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Practi-Man Standard With Carry Bag Individual

Practi-Man Standard is a mannequin that helps you learn life-saving techniques like CPR. It comes with a carry bag, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. It’s a great tool to have if you want to be prepared for emergencies.

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Slide Sheet Multipack – 3 Sizes Plus Carry Bag

Revolutionise your moving and handling tasks with our versatile slide sheet multipack. This exceptional bundle includes three tubular slide sheets, each in a different size.

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Propulse Ear Irrigation Starter Kit

The Propulse Ear Irrigation Starter Kit is your all-in-one solution for pristine ear care. This carefully curated kit includes everything you need to begin irrigating ears with confidence and precision.

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Propulse Ear Irrigator (Purple Lid Including 100 QrX Tips)

Propulse Ear Irrigator (Purple Lid Including 100 QrX Tips) Reliable, Safe & Effective The ProPulse Ear Irrigator combines modern design with classic ProPulse features enabling effective patient care. The new design offers great reliability and lower maintenance costs than the old model. Safety oriented operation provides an easy to use solution to ear irrigation treatment

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Propulse QrX Tips x 100

Get 100 Propulse® Single Use QrX Tips for efficient ear irrigation. Safe, hygienic, and hassle-free. Ideal for medical professionals.
Trusted by medical professionals, Propulse® QrX Tips guarantee precision and comfort during the irrigation process.

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Practi-Man Advanced Pro Instructor Kit (Adult)

The Pro Instructor Kit (Adult) includes 3 Advanced Practi-Man CPR Manikins for up to 12 persons, with an AED Trainer, Choking Vest, and more. The kit lets instructors demonstrate and practice OP airway insertion and removal and provides infection control with a valve system.

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LED Head Torch

Introducing the Head LED Touch, the perfect tool for efficient and safe ear irrigation. This innovative device uses LED technology to provide clear visibility while irrigating, ensuring precision and accuracy during the procedure.

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Propulse ProScoop Ear Wax Removal Scoop x 40

ProPulse® ProScoop Ear Wax Removal Scoops ensure safe and easy removal of ear wax. Designed by ear care specialists for effective results every time. Dispose of old scoop in a clinical waste bin to prevent cross-infection. A new scoop should be used for each patient. Say goodbye to discomfort and inconvenience with ProPulse® ProScoop Ear Wax Removal Scoops.

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Otoscope Pen Light for Ear Irrigation

The Otoscope Pen Light for Ear Irrigation is an essential tool for medical professionals performing ear irrigation procedures. Its bright LED light provides clear visibility in the ear canal, and its compact design makes it easy to use and carry around. Made with high-quality materials, this durable and reliable otoscope is a must-have for any medical practice.

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Propulse Noots Ear Tank – Reusable

The Propulse Reusable Noots Ear Tank is an effective tool for ear irrigation and cerumen removal. Made with high-quality materials, it offers durability and easy cleaning. Its multiple-use design is eco-friendly. The healthcare professional can use it to remove earwax or other substances if they block your ears.

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ProPulse® Cleaning Tablets x 200

Maintaining a hygienic environment in your healthcare practice is paramount. Proper cleaning of your ProPulse® Ear Irrigator is a crucial component of infection control.

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