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Mock CQC Inspections

Our audit mock CQC inspections will be conducted in a fashion similar to a CQC inspection, which are mapped to Key Lines of Enquiry, (KLOE’s).  

We will carry out a thorough audit of your service to check if the service is safe, effective, caring, responsible and well led.  

The inspection is carried out by two experienced mock inspectors including a medical doctor with vast experience and qualifications carrying out such inspections across the country.  

The inspection will last between six to seven hours and we can do this Monday to Saturday.  

Our aim is to highlight issues and concerns, giving you valuable time to address any that become apparant. 

How does this work?

The inspection will involve gathering evidence from a number of sources:  

  • Observing staff and service users
  • Speaking to staff
  • Speaking to service users, family members and carers
  • Looking at documentation
  • Medication audit involves MAR chart checks, stock in and out charts checks, physical stocks checks, CDs checks, , Warfarin checks etc

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KLOE (Key Lines of Enquiry)  

The New Fundamental standards replaces the old outcomes and are inspected under KLOE’s (Key Lines Of Enquiry)  

We will using this methodology to carry out our mock inspection

Documents we will want to see:  

  • Policies
  • Staff training records
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Patient notes – electronic and paper
  • Drug charts
  • Observation records
  • Handover documentation
  • Care/support plans
  • Risk assessments
  • Posters/leaflets etc  


  • Safe Is your care organisation safe?  
  • Caring Is the service provided to your clients caring?  
  • Responsive Is your organisation responsive to issues and client needs?  
  • Effective Are your systems and processes effective?  
  • Well-led Is your team being directed and supported effectively?

What are the benefits of an external audit?

  • Objective, unbiased view 
  • Identification of issues you may not even be aware of  
  • Expert advice & support from a group of specialists  
  • Prevention of issues from escalating
  • Possibility of addressing any non-compliance before is too late
  • Evidence of a proactive approach and robust auditing to the CQC 

What you get from the visit:

  • Feedback  

After the inspection we will have a meeting with the management and provide our initial verbal inspection report making recommendations to improve your quality of care in all the aspect.  

In particular whether it is safe, effective, responsive, caring and well-led.  

We will go through all the regulations you have been failing to meet the standard.

  • Report  

Within five working days we will send you our full inspection report in writing.  

With tips and guidance to improve your care practice and also necessary recommendations with a full action plan.  

If you follow our instructions, recommendations and guidelines we will guarantee that you will get an excellent report on your next inspection.

  • Support  

If needed we will help you with ongoing support and guideance until you meet the right standards of care and also could do further monitoring if required.  

Costs of this service

Because of the bespoke nature of each business our costs are determined to the type and size of the service requiring a mock inspection.  

We will need to have a discussion around your service type, size and current situation to give you a full and accurate quote.  

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