Learner Zone

Learner Frequently Asked Questions


How do I leave feedback?

After attending a course you will be sent an email with a survey monkey link requesting you leave feedback.

Why should I leave feedback?

By leaving us honest feedback it will help us improve our service. Are we doing thing right? Do we need to make changes? 

Also, we are running quarterly prize draws – and you need to leave feedback to be included!


When will I receive my certificate for a course that was paid by my employer?

Certificates are emailed to the person who made the booking by the Friday following full payment. Unless we receive permission we only send certificates to the person making the booking and not individual learners.

When will I receive my certificate for a course that I paid for myself?

Certificates will be emailed within 7 days of the course to the email address supplied.

I haven’t yet received my certificate, what should I do?

  • Has the training been paid?
  • If you are not the person who has paid check with them as we are only able to send the bill payer the certificates.
  • Check your spam.
  • Search Caring For Care in your emails.
  • Still not got it? Apologies for the delay.  Email us and let us know the training date, your full name and course attended.