Bonjour and welcome to my blog in connection with my company, Caring For Care Ltd. So, what to say when you feel like you are talking to yourself? I guess I will use this blog as an icebreaker; each month furiously typing away to hopefully show you how hard I’ve been working in order to improve standards of care via training.

As you may have seen from my website this is not only a profession to me but also something personal. My Granddad was in nursing care during the last stages of his life and I treat the service users I come in contact with as if they were family. In some cases the staff of a care home do become like extended family, especially for the residents with no children or with families who live far away.

Working within care of the elderly, I have been given many words of advice and the residents certainly don’t mince their words, happy to share their pearls of wisdom coming from years of experience. One such resident, who had been a senior manager, wisely said to me, when I left to go into management, “Don’t change anything until you know everything”. I didn’t truly understand this until I started my new role, and I feel these words stopped me from making a few early mistakes. One valediction from a lady with dementia, on my last day of working at the same home, has also stayed with me. She hugged me and whispered, “Make it a right good day”. Cue the tears, and from that I now sign off my company emails with ‘Kind Regards, hope you have the best day ever – smiley face’.

I’m a firm believer in positive mental attitude and feel that kindness can be infectious. How often have you been driving and someone has unexpectedly given way to you, then later along your journey you have also stopped and considered a driver, who is struggling to get out of a tricky junction? It is these small acts of kindness that can have a massive impact on people’s daily lives.

The Caring for Care journey all started with a lady called Joyce and in my next blog I will tell you all about her, but for now I will leave you with a link on my website (Joyce’s Newspaper clipping). This was a clipping from a magazine, which, when Joyce was reading it, she thought of me. So much so she cut it out and saved it for my next shift to read. This was at a time when I was working towards a Masters in counselling, but considering not completing the course. After talking it through with Joyce and taking in what her newspaper clipping had to say, I soon made my mind up what to do.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


Speak to you next month and… have the best day ever!