Award In Education & Training (AET) Level 3

The Award in Education & Training Course is the starting point for anyone wishing to begin teaching their own courses.

This qualification can be undertaken by individuals who are not yet in a teaching role (pre-service), or are currently teaching (in-service).

This qualification is often the minimum requirement for training companies to accept you as a trainer.

This course was formerly known as PTLLS

I really enjoyed the course, it is a great starting point for teaching.

Award in Education & Training Course Summary

  • The roles and responsibilities of a teacher / Trainer in education & Training
  • Relationships between education and training
  • Inclusive teaching approaches to meet the needs of learners
  • Principle of assessment in Education and Training
  • How to create a safe and supportive learning environment
  • How to motivate learners
  • Planning, delivery and evaluation of inclusive teaching and training
  • Different assessment methods
  • How to recognise and deal with potential problems
  • Teaching equipment and aids
  • Practical teaching sessions (Teaching concept and Technique)

Learning Outcomes

On completion delegates will have achieved the life long qualification of The Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

This qualification is an introduction to teaching that will give an insight into the roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training, how to plan and deliver inclusive teaching sessions and how to assess and give constructive feedback.

This qualification is often the minimum requirement when accepting freelance training roles.


This course lasts 3 days face to face with homework and assignments.


Delegates will receive a life long qualification

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