Phlebotomy Venepuncture Training


This phlebotomy venepuncture training course aimed at all healthcare staff. Registered nurses, carers and support workers who’s role include taking bloods. It is also ideal if staff are looking to improvide their skills in venepuncture.

The Venepuncture Training will aim to improve the students’ knowledge of the theory surrounding venepunture including: the correct order of draw, the anatomy of veins and how to select a suitable site – allow students to practice using a synthetic arm.

Please note: This course contains a full practical session.

  • Identify the suitable veins for Venepuncture
  • Identify the indications and contraindications for both the practitioner and the patient
  • To discuss the equipment used for performing Venepuncture
  • To be made aware of the full procedure and raise awareness for potential policy variations
  • To provide simulated practise in a controlled environment to help develop Venepuncture skills
  • To consider Venepuncture from patients point of view
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Phlebotomy Venepuncture Training Course Summary

  • Define Venepuncture
  • Identify roles and responsibilities, relevant to the area of work and Venepuncture
  • Discuss accountability and consent
  • Label anatomy of vein assess and select suitable sites for Venepuncture and sites to be avoided
  • Describe scenarios when not to take blood
  • Discuss and practise skills such as timing, using less dominant hand, tourniquet usage and also angles of needle
  • List equipment required for Venepuncture
  • Explain order of draw and it’s importance
  • Discuss and list labelling a sample accurately
  • Identify relevant polices and procedures to area of work
  • Breakdown the potential complications associated with Venepuncture and discuss appropriate actions to prevent and/or treat common errors, complications and problems you may encounter
  • Outline basic first aid in relation to Phlebotomy
  • Review the full procedure
  • Practice by using a simulation arm
  • Reflective piece based on Venepuncture experience – seeing it from patients point of view

We provide delegates/students with an activity workbook to work through and write notes in. We also provide a reflection template for revalidation and the full procedure/assessment template to assist students with competency sign off in their work place.

Please Note:

We offer 3 versions of this course

  • Half day refresher
  • Full day with simulation
  • Full day with OSCE

Depending on which version of the course is chosen it will alter the price, max delegate count and the certificate issued on completion. For more information on which course is best suited to your business, get in contact today.

If you require workplace observations and staff sign off, we are also able to help with our competency sign off service.

Learning Outcomes

On completion delegates will be be able to demonstrate a much improved knowledge of venepunture, the procedures, common issues, how to correctly handle and label samples and how to correctly draw bloods.

Delegates will have the oppotunity to practice taking blood using our prosthetic arms and anotomical models.

How Many Can Attend Training?

We will run this course for a maximum of 12 delegates – however for larger groups we can either provide multiple trainers on the same day or run multiple days to get everyone trained.

Who Will Conduct The Training?

One of our expert clinical tutors, these are either Nurses or Doctors with an abundance of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge – so you’ll be in great hands!

We will let you know who is doing the training in advance, you can check out their skills and experience by finding them on our meet the team page.


This course lasts 4 to 6 hours.


The certificate issued depends on which course is attended.

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