Safeguarding Adults Training


The aims of our Safeguarding Adults Training are to provide the candidates with the knowledge and ability to recofnise and appropriately respond to adult abuse when it occurs, or is suspected within the society and the care sector.

As I have told others... It is the best, most informative training I have ever attended

Safeguarding Adults Training Course Summary

  • Understanding the types of abuse
  • Recognising acts, signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Who is vulnerable / at risk
  • The role of dignity in safeguarding
  • Legislation and policy procedure
  • What to do should you have a concern
  • How to respond to an individual should they disclose a concern

Learning Outcomes

On completion delegates will be able to define what abuse is and the role of an alerter, identify different types and indicators of abuse, highlight those who are at high risk of abuse ,recognise workplace problems that contribute to the possibility of abuse, outline what to do in the event of abuse, recording and reporting and identify key articles from the European Human Rights Act.


This course lasts approximately 3 hours.


Delegates will be issued with certificates of attendance valid for a period of 1 year.

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