Propulse Ear Irrigator (Purple Lid Including 100 QrX Tips)


The ProPulse Ear Irrigator Machine with tips a safe, efficient way to clear ear wax at home. It comes complete with 100 gentle Qrx silicone tips along with a filter valve to regulate water pressure. Maintain hygiene and comfort with this convenient irrigator kit.

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Propulse Ear Irrigator (Purple Lid Including 100 QrX Tips) with Cleaning Tablets, Ear Removal Scoop, Shoulder Cape and Headlamp.

Reliable, Safe & Cost Effective

The ProPulse Ear Irrigator machine with 100 QrX tips combines modern design with classic ProPulse features enabling effective patient care. The new design offers great reliability and lower maintenance costs than the old model.

Safety oriented operation provides an easy to use solution to ear irrigation treatment requirements.

Hands-free mode, using the foot switch, gives the user greatly increased control and helps to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Propulse Ear Irrigator – Efficient Ear Wax Removal System

A full range of essential ear care products that complement the ProPulse® Ear Irrigator are available.

They include:

  • ProPulse® Single Use QrX™ Tips
  • ProPulse® Cleaning Tablets
  • ProScoop™ Ear Wax Removal Scoop
  • ProTect™ Shoulder Cape
  • ProPulse® HeadLamp

The Propulse Ear Irrigator offers a safe, gentle and effective way to keep ears clean and healthy.

As a manual water-based system flushing out wax build-up, it helps avoid risks of at-home methods like cotton buds.

Product Features:

  • Includes 100 Qrx Tips – soft, latex-free silicone tips delivering water flow into the ear canal for flushing
  • Clever tip design with multi-stream technology covers the canal thoroughly clearing all wax levels
  • Filter and valve system control water flow and pressure for a comfortable irrigating feel
  • Handy storage case and all you need for safe ear wax management yourself

Regular use gives fast, comfortable removal of wax and debris to clean ear canals and restore hearing as part of a proactive routine.

The Propulse ear irrigator kit comes complete with all necessary components for safe ear wax management from home.

About Additional Accessories

Propulse Single Use Qrx Tips

  • Pack of 100 disposable silicone tips attaching to irrigator to deliver water flow flushing ear canal
  • For single person use only. Soft gentle clean

Propulse Cleaning Tablets

  • Cleaning tablets to sanitise irrigator ensuring hygiene
  • Mix with water in tank leaving 5 minutes then rinse

ProScoop Ear Wax Removal Scoop

  • Small plastic scoop allowing safe at-home removal of loose visible ear wax
  • More complete clean when combined with irrigating

ProTect Shoulder Cape

  • Waterproof nylon cape draping over clothes and shoulders during irrigating
  • Catches splatter protecting clothes and skin

Propulse HeadLamp

  • Hands-free LED headlamp to shine beam of light into ear canal
  • Enables better visualization guiding irrigation tip during use

For our complete ear irrigation starter kits,  Propulse ear irrigation machine with starter kits to buy. This is best suitable for those who are starting the ear irrigation business.

It contains additional 8 accessories, consent form, and templates you would need.

Complete Ear Care Kit

The full set bundles core irrigator with cleaning tablets, scoop, protective cape, lighting etc. – everything needed for convenient, start-to-finish ear wax removal care at home.

1. Added Safety

Single-use tips prevent infections whilst shoulder capes catch splatter protecting surfaces/clothing during irrigation.

2. Enhanced Precision

Headlamp lights ear canal for improved visualisation to guide tip placement and monitor clearing progress. Scoop allows scraping stubborn remnants.

3. Improved Hygiene

Sanitising cleaning tablets ensure irrigator components stay sterilised between uses for family/friend sharing. Disposable tips provide fresh clean.

4. Ongoing Affordability

Bundle deals cost less than constantly repurchasing batteries for other powered models over time. Bulk tips/accessories further minimise repeat costs.

Safely and carefully removing ear wax prevents hearing loss. Also prevents dangerous compacted blockages if left unchecked.

The ProPulse Ear Irrigator machine tips provides everything you need for affordable at-home ear irrigation. This includes ear irrigation add-ons further optimising ease, accuracy and hygiene session-by-session.


How to Use a Propulse Ear Irrigator to Clean Ear Wax

Step 1. Get Propulse Ear Irrigation Kit Ready

  • Take safety cover off tip of filled Propulse water tank. Attach a new Propulse Qrx tip onto the open tip.

Step 2. Drape Shoulder Cape

  • Place waterproof cape over shoulders to catch drips and splashes during irrigation.

Step 3. Position Near Sink

  • Stand or sit comfortably next to a sink. Tilt head sideways above sink. Have paper towels ready.

Step 4. Pull Ear Up and Back

  • To straighten the ear canal, gently pull the outer ear up and back with opposite hand.

Step 5. Insert Tip into Ear

  • Guide Qrx tip into ear aiming the spray nozzle down the length of the canal.

Step 6. Start Irrigating

  • Squeeze the irrigator bulb. Water pulse flushes wax, caught by sink or towels.

Step 7. Flush Until Clearing

  • Keep repositioning tip and squeezing bulb until sprays run clear. Rinse tip often.

Step 8. Dry and Remove Debris

  • Dry ears thoroughly once done. Use scoop to remove any loose debris or excess water remaining.

Regular flushing using the Propulse speeds up wax clearing for improved hearing and ear health!

Note: Follow instructions and safety ear irrigation guidelines for effective at-home use.

We offer ear wax removal training at our facility. Please, join the next batch so you can learn best practice from professionals.


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