• Level 3
  • 2 days
  • 3 Years Certificate

Stoma Care Train the Trainer Course

This training will make you better at your job and give you the skills to teach others how to take care of people with stomas really well. Your knowledge can make life better for people with stomas by giving them the help and care they need. On completion of the 2 days stoma train the trainer course, you will receive a certificate.

Gain the required skills

Our Stoma Care Trainer Course equips you to teach others about managing stomas. You'll learn all about stoma anatomy, the different types, and the best ways to care for them. This means you can train nurses, carers, and patients, making sure everyone knows how to take care of stomas well.

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Course Summary

  • Understanding Roles and Responsibilities of a Trainer
  • Creating a Safe and Friendly Learning Space
  • Understanding Relationships between Trainer and Others
  • Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches When Teaching Stoma Courses
  • Improving Your Stoma Training Skills with Micro-Teaching

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Stoma Trainer FAQs

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    Where do you deliver this training?

    We can deliver this training at your premises, as long as it's within the UK. We also have our own venues in Stoke on Trent, London, Swindon, Epsom & York if you need access to a training room (additional charges will apply). We can also deliver this training virtually using Zoom. However, sessions delivered via Zoom will be theory only and will not include any practicals.

    How long will the stoma care trainer training last?

    This training will last 2days. We give a range of time to account for variable factors such as; underlying knowledge and competence of delegates, class interaction and engagement and reduced delegate numbers. If a course finishes earlier than the allotted time, it will be due to one of these reasons. However, our trainer will ensure that all learning outcomes have been met.

    Who will conduct the training?

    One of our expert tutors. These all have an abundance of first hand care experience and knowledge - so you'll be in great hands! We will let you know who is doing the training in advance. You can check out their skills and experience by finding them on our meet the team page.

    What equipment will you use for training?

    We have a variety of different training equipment and tools available. The training will be relevant and transferable. However, if you have a specific requirement for a particular type of equipment, please make this clear during the booking process, and the team will ensure this is provided. Alternatively, we can use your own equipment for training.

Become a Stoma Care Trainer

Taking care of stomas is really important in healthcare. It helps people who have had surgery feel better and be more active in life. As a Stoma Care Trainer, you’ll teach others (care workers and nurses) and help patients, so they know how to take care of their stomas and feel confident about it.

You can also become an inhouse Stoma care trainer to help your organisation meet the requirement for having quality staff who understands how to manage and deal with Stoma problems.

Your learning will go a long way to help patient live better lives, promote team building within your facility and boost your career growth. Learning is growing and the more you know, the more you can give others. So this course will give you the right knowledge and skill needed.

Note: Around 1 in 340 people in the UK has a stoma (Burch et al., 2021) and over 13,500 stoma surgeries are performed each year in the UK (Stoma Programme Baseline Report, 2019). Support through learning and training others would go a long way.


Course Info:

  • Course Duration: 2 days
  • Course Level: Level 3
  • Certificate: 3-year certificate
  • Max Delegates: 12
  • Practical: Yes 
  • Course Mode: Face to Face/ Blended


What the Stoma trainer course will cover:

1. Essential Stoma Trainer Skills:

  • Understand what makes a good stoma care trainer.
  • Know the rules and guidelines for stoma care training.
  • Learn how to treat everyone fairly and respect differences.
  • Get better at understanding each learner’s needs.

2. Creating a Safe and Friendly Learning Space:

  • Learn how to keep stoma care training sessions safe and helpful.
  • Encourage good behaviour and respect.
  • Set clear rules and handle tests well.

3. Building Good Trainer-Learner Relationships:

  • See how trainers need to work well with others.
  • Know the difference between trainers and learners.

4. Engaging Teaching Methods for Stoma Care:

  • See why it’s important to make stoma care learning fun.
  • Learn engaging ways to teach and help each learner.
  • Get better at talking to learners and understanding them.
  • Practice giving helpful feedback and finding ways to do better.

5. Improving Your Stoma Training Skills with Micro-Teaching:

  • Try teaching a small lesson about stoma care.
  • Get advice from tutors and peers.
  • Think about how you can teach better next time.
  • Plan for future stoma care training sessions confidently.


Learning Outcomes

1: Understanding Roles and Responsibilities of a Trainer

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Stoma trainer
  • Legislation, Regulatory Requirements and Codes of Practice
  • How to promote Equality and Value Diversity
  • Importance of Identifying and meeting each individual Learners Needs

2: Understanding Ways to Maintain a Safe and Supportive Teaching and Learning Environment

  • Ways to maintain Safe and Supportive Environment
  • Promote Positive Behaviour and Respect for Others
  • Setting Ground Rules and Housekeeping (Formative and Summative Assessment)

3: Understanding Relationships between Trainer and Others

  • How the Stoma Trainer Role involves working with Others
  • Boundaries between the Trainer Role and Learners

4: Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches

  • Why is it important to create an Inclusive Learning Environment and Use Teaching and Learning Approaches to meet Individual Learner Needs.
  • How to Engage and Motivate Learners
  • Dealing with Behaviour that Challenges
  • Communicate with Learners in ways that meets their Individual Needs
  • Provide Feedback to Learners
  • Identify Areas of Improvement

Learning Outcome 5: Micro-Teach (HOMEWORK)

  • 1 Micro-Teach
  • 2 Resources: Workbook / Multiple Choice Exam / Leaflet / Q and A / Handout (Specific to Subject Area)
  • 2 Tutor Observation
  • 3 Peer Observation Record x 2
  • 4 Self Evaluation and Reflection
  • 5 Session Plan

Who is the Stoma trainer training for:


  • Nurses in hospitals, clinics, or home care
  • Nurse trainers or educators
  • Stoma care or WOC nurses (check our Continence Care Training)

Healthcare Assistants:

Assistants who help ostomates and teach other assistants

Other Health Workers:

  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Dietitians
  • Social workers

Care Home Staff:

  • Managers or senior staff
  • Caregivers who help residents with stomas

Wound Care Specialists:

This course is designed for healthcare workers with a foundational knowledge and experience in stoma care who want to teach others about stoma care.

Participants will learn how to make training contents that fit their workplaces or groups.

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Why Choose Our Stoma Care Train-the-Trainer Course?

  1. Become a Stoma Care trainer: Learn how to lead stoma care training with confidence.
  2. Support Your Team: Help nurses and healthcare workers give top-notch care to stoma patients.
  3. Better Results for Patients: Make sure everyone gets the same great care, leading to happier patients and healthier outcomes.
  4. Boost Staff Confidence: Give your team the skills to handle stoma care like pros, making for a more sure-footed healthcare team.
  5. Trust the Best: Learn the latest and greatest in stoma care based on the newest research and real-world know-how.
  6. Fun Learning: We make it as practical as possible and involve everyone to participate. Everyone will get to teach a topic on stoma care for 10-15 minutes.
  7. Get Recognised: Earn a certificate and meet like minded people like yourself. Build professional network. You may want to see if the dates, price and time available for some of our public courses.

Benefits of Having a Certified Stoma Care Trainer In-House:

  1. Happy Patients & Carers: Help patients and their carers learn how to handle stomas confidently, so they can take charge and live better lives.
  2. Better-Trained Staff: Teach nurses and other healthcare workers the ropes, making sure everyone gives top-notch stoma care.
  3. Save Money on Trainers: Build up your own training team, so you don’t have to hire external trainers every time especially to train new staff.
  4. Healthy Patients: Stick to the best practices and make sure every patient gets great care, leading to happier patients and better health.
  5. Grow Your Career: Master stoma care training and pave the way for leadership roles in education and training.



As I have told others... It is the best, most informative training I have ever attended