Caring for Care Trainer Zone


2021 is the year of standardisation at Caring for Care and I am so excited about it.

I have spent time updating the layout of these forms to hopefully:

  • Improve communication
  • Reduce errors
  • Be super efficient
  • Be easy to use

This is a new way of working and if there are any errors, or if you know of an easier process that would benefit us all please let me know by emailing me.


Trainer Request & Return Form Click Here

This form is used to request:

  • Paperwork & presentations
  • Hotels
  • Equipment delivery and returns

Using this form helps:

  • Reduce paper waste as you let us know how many print outs you need as you may have unused print outs due to a previous small class size
  • Reduces time Abbey spends binding, stapling, printing etc
  • Helps with Abbeys time management
  • Reduces errors

Downloadable Trainer Return and Request form

Form to be downloaded and completed ideally within 7 days of requst. Email download to [email protected]  .


Electronic Register Click Here

This form is used to send class registers straight to Abbeys inbox.

Using this form helps:

  • The customer get their certificates prepped sooner
  • Helps with time management
  • Reduces spelling errors caused by joined up writing etc
  • Reduces paperwork during Covid-19


Downloadable  Electronic Register

Register to be completed and returned by 5pm the day of training. Email download to [email protected]  .


Trainer Evaluation Form Click Here

This form is used to receive feedback from trainers after each course.

Using this form:

  • Helps with part of our quality process
  • Helps reduce the amount of calls we need to make if a customer has questions after training. This means we can get the answers to the customers quicker
  • Reduces paperwork during Covid-19

Downloadable Trainer Evaluation Form

Trainer Evaluation to be completed and returned by 5pm the day of training. Email download to [email protected]  .


Invoice template for Trainers Click Here



Covid Updates Click Here

Equipment List A-Z




Epilepsy Medication

Safer People moving & Handling

Stoma Care



Basic Observation Training

Bowel Management



PEG Feeding

Phlebotomy/ venepuncture


Syringe Driver




First Aid 


Basic Life Support