Trainer Zone

Welcome to the Caring For Care trainer zone.

Here, you will find all the forms, templates and how-to guides you need to use our systems and follow our processes.

If you have any questions, please speak to the office.

This form is used to request:

  • Paperwork & presentations
  • Hotels
  • Equipment delivery and returns

Using this form helps:

  • Reduce paper waste. Please let us know how many printouts you need, as you may have unused printouts due to a previous small class size.
  • Reduces time the office team spends binding, stapling, printing, etc.
  • Helps with the office team’s time management.
  • Reduces errors.
Trainer Request & Return Form – Click Here

How to guide on how to use the ARLO system. There are two guides for the different types of course we run, for the vast majority of you, the On-Site guide is the one you need to follow.

On Site Courses – Click Here
Public Courses – Click Here

Here is a handy invoice template we’ve put together to help you.

You don’t have to use this template. However, this does give you an idea of the information we require to process your invoices and get you paid on time!

Invoice Template For Trainers – Click Here