Distance Learning & Shop

As well as our quality led face to face training, Caring for Care offer a variety of distance based learning options and other helpful packages and items.



  1. Choose from over 100 subjects
  2. Get access to our powerful and innovative LMS (learning management system)
  3. Instant certification
  4. Ability to complete regulated qualifications online
  5. CPD approved and certified
  6. Extremely cost effective – From as little as £1 per user!


Distance Packs

  1. Ever expanding subject list
  2. Perfect for the not so computer savy of us
  3. Certification within a week of submitting results
  4. Clinical and mandatory subjects available
  5. Cost effective – From as little is £9.99 per pack


Trainer Packs

  1. Includes presentation & lesson plan
  2. Up to date and referenced information
  3. Procuded by practising nurse educator
  4. Everything need to teach a class straight ou of the box
  5. Availabile in clinical and mandatory subjects
  6. Delivered electronically upon payment