Managing Challenging Behaviour Training


This managing challenging behaviour training course aims to enhance delegates’ knowledge and skills in reducing and managing potential challenging behaviour within a workplace.

Delegates will use these relevant skills and knowledge to effectively manage challenging situations.

The course will give each delegate a much clearer understanding of the correct ways to respond, cope and react to difficult situations. Also: avoid further escalation, ensuring they stay safe and confident at work.

The course was fun, practical, interactive and perfectly tailored to our exact service requirements and needs, highly recommended!

Managing Challenging Behaviour Training Course Summary

  • Categorise types of violence and aggression for physical and non-physical behaviour
  • Identify with  challenging behaviour theory and meaning
  • Discuss the law in relation to challenging behaviours
  • Identify with functional analysis
  • Discuss a variety of de-escalation techniques
  • Discuss the Principles and values of positive behaviour support
  • Identify with the ABC process and risk assessments
  • Identify with person centred care, planning , approaches and tools

If you require physical intervention techniques our breakaway training and restraint training make excellent additions to this course.

Learning Outcomes

On completion delegates will be able to categorise types of violence and aggression for physical and non-physical behaviour. Delegates will also be able to discuss the law in relation to challenging behaviours.

Delegates will discuss a variety of de-escalation techniques, principles and values of positive behaviour support.

Delegates will identify with the ABC process and risk assessments.

Identify with person centred care, planning, approaches and tools. Delegates will also identify with challenging behaviour theory, meaning and function analysis.

This course is complemented excellently by our Breakaway Training, which can be run on the same day depending on your requirements.


This course lasts approximately 3 hours.


Each delegate will be issued with a certificate of attendance valid for a period of one year.

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