Asbestos Awareness Online Training


This online ‘Asbestos Awareness’ course will build awareness and develop knowledge of  the hazards and risks posed by asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) within their everyday working environment. It also offers an overview of the legislative measures in place to safeguard workers.


Asbestos Awareness Course:  Online Training

This online ‘Asbestos Awareness’ course will build awareness and develop knowledge of  the hazards and risks posed by asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) within their everyday working environment. It also offers an overview of the legislative measures in place to safeguard workers.

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Who is the asbestos awareness training suitable for?

The asbestos awareness training is for people working in Adult Health and Social Care. It helps them learn about asbestos and how to handle it safely. It’s important to know about asbestos to protect ourselves and others. The training teaches us how to identify and manage asbestos-related situations. By taking this training, we can make sure everyone stays safe and healthy.

When will I get my certificate?

Once you have successfully passed our course you will be able to download and print your certificate immediately.

As this course has been accredited by the CPD Group your certificate will contain the CPD logo and unique reference number.

Course Outline: Asbestos Awareness

1. Identifying Asbestos Products:

During this training, you will learn how to identify various asbestos-containing materials commonly found in buildings and environments. You’ll gain the skills to recognize potential sources of asbestos exposure and ensure proper precautions are taken.

2. Understanding the History of Asbestos:

Explore the historical context of asbestos use and its widespread applications. Learn about the industries and products associated with asbestos, helping you understand the significance and prevalence of this hazardous material.

3. Understanding the Health Effects:

Delve into the health effects linked to asbestos exposure, including respiratory conditions and various types of cancers. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with asbestos and how it can impact both workers and the general population.

4. Legislation:

Stay informed about the legislation and regulations governing asbestos management. Understand your legal obligations, including responsibilities related to asbestos identification, assessment, control, and safe handling practices.


Discover the roles and responsibilities of individuals and organizations in managing asbestos-related risks. Learn how to create a culture of awareness, accountability, and compliance to ensure the safety of workers and others potentially exposed to asbestos.

Treatment of Asbestos:

Explore different approaches to handling asbestos-containing materials, including encapsulation, encasement, and other control measures. Understand the importance of proper asbestos management strategies to minimize risks and protect health.

Asbestos Removal:

Gain insights into safe asbestos removal practices, including the use of trained professionals and specialized techniques. Learn about containment, decontamination, and disposal procedures to ensure the effective removal of asbestos materials.

How Employees May Encounter Asbestos:

Understand the various scenarios in which employees may come into contact with asbestos during their work. Learn about the occupations, industries, and specific tasks that may pose a risk of asbestos exposure, enabling you to take appropriate precautions.

By enrolling in our asbestos awareness online training, you will gain in-depth knowledge of these topics, empowering you to identify, assess, and manage asbestos-related risks effectively.


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Key Points on Asbestos Awareness Online Course

  • Identifying Asbestos products
  • Understanding the history of asbestos
  • Understanding the Health effects
  • Legislation
  • Responsibility
  • Treatment of asbestos
  • Asbestos removal
  • How employees may encounter asbestos

Questions and Answer on Asbestos Awareness

How long is the Asbestos Awareness course?

The typical duration for an Asbestos Awareness training course is around half a day or 3-4 hours. Some key details on course length:

  • Classroom Training: In-person classroom style, Asbestos Awareness training is usually 3-4 hours in length. This allows sufficient time for the instructor to cover the content through presentations, demonstrations, and class activities.
  • Online Training: For our online Asbestos Awareness courses, the training time is also commonly 2-3 hours. This enables all the key information to be delivered through recorded lessons, online materials, and knowledge checks.
  • Refresher Training: Annual refresher training for Asbestos Awareness is shorter, often 60-90 minutes, to review key concepts and update learners on any new developments related to asbestos hazards and regulations.
  • Site-Specific Training: When Asbestos Awareness training is customised to cover site-specific details like the locations of asbestos in a facility, additional time may be required.
  • Qualifications: Asbestos Awareness courses aligned with qualifications criteria, like CPD certification, may extend slightly longer to meet formal guidance on course length.

Is it a legal requirement to have asbestos awareness training UK?

Yes, it is a legal requirement for certain people in the UK to have asbestos awareness training. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012) require the following people to have asbestos awareness training:

  • Duty holders: These are the people who own or control the premises where asbestos is located.
  • Employees: These are the people who work in premises where asbestos is located.
  • Contractors: These are the people who work in premises where asbestos is located, but who are not employees of the duty holder.

Can you do an asbestos course online?

Yes, Asbestos Awareness training courses are commonly available in online formats:

  • Online eLearning Courses: These self-paced online courses deliver Asbestos Awareness training through recorded video lessons, slide presentations, readings, knowledge checks and module quizzes.
  • Virtual Classroom Courses: The virtual courses mimic in-person classroom training in a remote live format with an instructor leading the session via video conferencing software.
  • Blended Courses: Some online Asbestos Awareness training opts for a blended approach with self-study materials combined with a live virtual classroom component.
  • Mobile Accessible: Reputable online programs are mobile-friendly, enabling learners to complete training on smartphones and tablets conveniently.
  • Certification: Legitimate online providers issue certificates and CPD points upon completing training and passing assessments.
  • Recency: Online training allows easy access to refreshers to maintain up-to-date asbestos awareness.

What is asbestos awareness course?

An asbestos awareness course is a training program that teaches people about the dangers of asbestos and how to work safely around it. Asbestos awareness training is important for people who work in industries where they might encounter asbestos-containing materials, such as construction or building maintenance, to ensure they stay safe on the job.

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