Dementia Awareness Online Training


This online Dementia Awareness online training course is ideal for staff, in the care environment, working with people suffering from dementia.

This e-learning course will provide staff with a general understanding of dementia and will establish the associated issues.



Dementia Awareness Online Training

Designed for caregivers and healthcare professionals, our Dementia Awareness online training is tailored for those working with individuals affected by dementia. This training encompasses the impact of dementia, effective communication techniques, and strategies for enhancing well-being.

This online Dementia Awareness online training course is ideal for staff, in the care environment, working with people suffering from dementia.

This e-learning course will establish a general understanding of dementia and the issues associated with it for staff.

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Those enrolled in the course will gain underpinning knowledge of dementia and how to assist individuals with managing the disease.

This course works towards the knowledge requirements of section 9 of the care certificate.

  • Developed by professionals
  • Accredited by The CPD Accreditation Group
  • 100% online, learn at your own time and pace
  • Translates into over 100 different languages
  • Instant certificate downloaded

Who is it for?

This training is suitable for all staff working within Adult Health and Social Care.

How long does the course take?

Everyone will learn at a different speed, however on average this should take 1-2 hours to complete.

How are your dementia online courses assessed?

After completing all of the knowledge sections of the course, the system will present you with a multiple-choice test.

You will receive instant marking of your answers, so you will know immediately whether you have passed or not.

If you don’t pass the dementia awareness course, don’t worry, you will be able to retake the test again at no extra charge.

When will I get my Dementia training certificate?

Once you have successfully passed our dementia training course you will be able to download and print your certificate immediately.

Dementia Awareness Online Training Summary

  • What is meant by the term “Dementia”
  • Different types of Dementia
  • Strategies that may assist the individual and their carer in the management of the disease
  • Supporting the individual
  • Communication
  • Managing behavioural changes
  • Empowering the individual

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dementia awareness qualification?

A dementia awareness qualification is a certification or training program that helps people understand dementia better.

It provides knowledge about the condition, its effects, and how to support individuals with dementia.

How can we raise awareness for dementia?

To raise awareness for dementia, you can talk about it with friends and family, share information on social media, participate in dementia awareness events, or volunteer with organizations working on dementia issues.

What is the dementia awareness course UK?

The dementia awareness course in the UK is a training program designed to educate individuals about dementia, its impact, and how to provide care and support to those affected by it.

It helps people become more knowledgeable and compassionate caregivers.

What is the massive online course for dementia?

The “massive online course for dementia” likely refers to a large-scale online course or MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) dedicated to dementia awareness.

These courses are available on various online platforms and provide comprehensive information and resources about dementia for a wide audience.

What is level 7 in dementia care?

In dementia care, “Level 7” typically refers to an advanced or expert level of understanding and expertise in providing care for individuals with dementia.

It might involve advanced training and knowledge for healthcare professionals or caregivers who are highly experienced in managing dementia-related issues.

What are the 6 C’s of dementia care?

Many often consider the 6 C’s of dementia care to include: Communication, Care, Compassion, Competence, Courage, and Commitment. These principles guide caregivers and healthcare professionals in providing quality care and support to individuals with dementia.

What flower represents dementia?

The forget-me-not flower is often associated with dementia awareness. It symbolizes remembrance and the importance of not forgetting those affected by dementia.

What is the color for dementia awareness?

The color most commonly associated with dementia awareness is purple. Campaigns and events often use purple to raise awareness about dementia and demonstrate support for individuals and families affected by the condition.

What are the 7 stages of dementia UK?

Dementia is often described in stages, but the number of stages can vary depending on the model used.

One common framework is the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS), which has 7 stages, ranging from Stage 1 (no cognitive decline) to Stage 7 (very severe cognitive decline).

These stages help healthcare professionals and caregivers understand the progression of dementia and tailor care accordingly.

However, it’s important to note that dementia can affect individuals differently, and not everyone will go through all these stages in the same way.

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