Manual Handling of Objects Online Training


Our Manual handling online course will inform you of the legislation surrounding any moving and handling operation, the correct techniques to employ, the process of ergonomics and risk assessing. You should always be safe when moving and handling any load so this course is essential for your health.


Manual Handling Online Course

Our Manual Handling Online Course (Moving and Handling of Objects online training course) will inform you of the legislation surrounding any moving and handling operation, the correct techniques to employ, the process of ergonomics and risk assessing.


You should always be safe when moving and handling any load so this course is essential for your health. For moving and handling of people online course, please visit the link.

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  • Accredited by The CPD Accreditation Group
  • 100% online, learn at your own time and pace
  • Translates into over 100 different languages
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When will I get my certificate?

Once you have successfully passed our course you will be able to download and print your certificate immediately.

As this course has been accredited by the CPD Group your certificate will contain the CPD logo and unique reference number.

As I have told others… It is the best, most informative training I have ever attended

Course Overview:

This complete online training is made to give people the knowledge and skills for safely handling objects. Handling things is important at work, and doing it wrong can cause injuries. This course wants to teach people the right ways to stop injuries and keep a healthy work environment.

Key Points

  • The legislation involved in Moving and Handling Objects
  • Explain the theory behind moving and handling
  • Be aware of safe practice using a range of techniques when moving a variety of inanimate loads

Course Content:

  • Understanding Manual Handling

    • Defining manual handling
    • Legal responsibilities and regulations
    • Risk assessment and management
  • Anatomy and Biomechanics

    • Learning about the human body’s capabilities and limitations
    • Recognising vulnerable areas
  • Safe Handling Techniques

    • Lifting, lowering, pushing and pulling techniques
    • Proper use of equipment and aids
  • Identifying Hazards

    • Recognising potential hazards in different work environments
    • Strategies for hazard avoidance
  • Practical Demonstrations

    • Hands-on demonstrations of safe manual handling techniques
    • Interactive exercises for skill development


Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Better safety: Learn to handle things safely, lowering the risk of injuries.
  • Follow the law: Understand what you must do legally when handling things.
  • Work better: Using good techniques can make work more efficient.
  • Less time off: Fewer injuries mean less time away from work.
  • Feel sure and skilled: Learn the skills and feel confident in handling things safely and well.


Who is the online manual handling training for?

Online manual handling training is designed for a wide range of individuals, primarily those who regularly or occasionally engage in tasks involving:

  • Lifting: This means picking up things of any size or weight, like boxes and packages or furniture and equipment.
  • Lowering: Carefully putting things down from a raised position.
  • Carrying: Taking things from one place to another by hand.
  • Pushing: Using force to move things horizontally.
  • Pulling: Applying force to move things towards yourself.

Therefore, this training is beneficial for individuals working in various sectors, including:

  • Logistics and Warehousing: Workers involved in loading, unloading, and transporting goods.
  • Construction: Personnel handling building materials, tools, and equipment.
  • Manufacturing: Employees lifting and moving components, materials, and finished products.
  • Retail: Staff stocking shelves, carrying customer purchases, and moving inventory.
  • Office workers: Individuals who occasionally need to lift and move heavy objects like files, boxes, and equipment.
  • Delivery Drivers: Workers responsible for loading, unloading, and carrying packages.
  • Agricultural Workers: Individuals handling seeds, crops, and farm equipment.

Also, some online courses might be for specific jobs like nurses, caregivers, and social workers who might need to lift and handle people with limited mobility. But, for these special needs, “moving and handling” training might be better.

Remember, in many countries, bosses must give manual handling training to employees at risk of getting hurt from these tasks.

Overall, online manual handling training makes it easy for people and organisations to meet these requirements and make sure work is safe.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

1. Is this course suitable for beginners?

– Yes, this course is designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of experience in manual handling.

2. Do I need any special equipment for this online training?

– No, you won’t require any special equipment. The course is designed for online learning and includes virtual demonstrations and exercises.

3. Is there a certification upon completion of this course?

– Yes, participants will receive a certification of completion, demonstrating their understanding of safe manual handling practices.

4. How long is the online course, and can I complete it at my own pace?

– The course duration may vary, but it is self-paced, allowing you to complete it according to your schedule.

5. Is there an assessment at the end of the manual handling online course?

– Yes, there will be an assessment to evaluate your knowledge and understanding of the course material.

6. Can manual handling training be done online?

Yes, you can do manual handling training online. Lots of places provide courses on the internet that teach you about safe manual handling, techniques, and the best ways to do it.

Online courses are handy and easy to get to, so you can learn when it suits you, from anywhere with an internet connection.

7. How much does manual handling training cost?

-The cost of manual handling training can vary depending on the training provider, the level of certification, and the region.

At Caring for Care, our comprehensive and beneficial online course is currently available at a discounted price of £19.99. However, it’s important to note that prices may vary across different providers and course offerings.

8. How long should a manual handling online course take?

In the online manual handling course, you can learn at your own speed as the course will be there for a year. On average, most people take around 3-4 hours to finish the course.

But the online setup is flexible, so you can go through the information at a pace that feels right for you, making sure you really understand the basics of manual handling.

9. How long does a manual handling certificate last for?

How long a manual handling certificate lasts depends on the organisation and rules in your area. Usually, it’s valid for about three years.

After this time, you might need to take a short course or get certified again to make sure you know the latest ways to stay safe when handling things. Make sure to ask your training provider or local authorities for the exact rules about how long your certificate is good for.

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