Top 15 Nursing Events in the UK for 2024: A Comprehensive List of Nursing Conferences

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Are you a carer or nurse who wants to improve your care training abilities and remain current on industry news? Well, you’re in luck because, in 2024, the UK is hosting a series of the best nursing conferences that you want to attend.

These nursing events are all about learning, networking, and enhancing your skills as a nurse or carer. Moreover, these events are designed to provide you with valuable insights, training, and networking opportunities.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the top 15 nursing events happening in the UK in 2024.

Whether you’re a nurse, a carer, or a healthcare professional, these events offer a chance to connect with others in your field, stay updated on the latest healthcare trends, and gain valuable insights.

So, get ready to mark your calendars and make the most of these top nursing events in 2024. We’ve got you covered with all the details you need to know, from what to expect at each event to how often they occur and even how to stay connected through social media.

Let’s explore and grow together.

  1. NHS Expo Conference 2024
  2. RCN International Nursing Research Conference 2024
  3. Unite the Union Annual Health Studies Conference 2024
  4. RCNI Nurse Award 2024
  5. Foundation of Nursing Student Conference 2024
  6. Nation Children and Adult Nursing Conference 2024
  7. Primary Care Nursing Conference 2024
  8. British Geriatrics Society Meeting 2024
  9. UK Critical Nursing Alliance Conference 2024
  10. Queen’s Nursing Institute Conference 2024
  11. Nursing in Practice 365 Conference 2024
  12. Royal Marsden Conference 2024
  13. UK Kidney Association Conference 2024
  14. UK Association of Forensic Nurses & Paramedics Conference 2024
  15. Nursing Live Event 2024

Professionals in the dynamic and always-changing field of nursing must keep up with the most recent developments in theory, practice, and research.

So, here are the best nursing events that you can add to your list to attend in 2024:



  • Link to Site: NHS Expo
  • Cost: Usually, it’s free!
  • Date: 12-13th June 2024
  • Timing: 8AM-6PM; 7.45AM-4.45PM
  • Registration Link:
  • Location: Manchester Central
  • Aimed at: Healthcare professionals, including nurses and carers.
  • Benefits: You can gain insights into the latest innovations and best practices in healthcare. It’s a great opportunity to network with fellow professionals.
  • Frequency: Annually.

The NHS Expo is like a big, special event for nurses and caregivers. It’s known as one of the best nursing events to learn new things and meet lots of people who work in healthcare.

The 2024 NHS Expo conference expects over 5,400 delegates for the two-day event.

The really nice part is that most of the time, it doesn’t cost anything to go. They welcome all kinds of healthcare professionals, so if you’re a nurse, caregiver, or work in healthcare in any way, this is the event for you.

So, what’s the big deal about the NHS Expo?

Well, it’s a place where you can find out about all the latest and greatest things happening in healthcare. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and learn from others who do what you do. What makes it even better is that it happens yearly, like a regular thing.

This means you can always count on it to keep you up to date with everything happening in healthcare.

If you go to the NHS Expo, you can expand your knowledge, stay in the know, and make important connections in the healthcare world.

It’s a really big deal for nurses and caregivers who want to grow in their careers.

Other NHS Expo Conference Benefits:

  • 150+ engaging sessions: Dive deep into key issues and advancements.
  • Thought-provoking leaders: Learn from the best in healthcare.
  • Valuable networking: Connect with colleagues and peers.
  • CPD points: Enhance your professional development.
  • Actionable takeaways: Leave inspired with ideas to implement.
RCN Conference 2024

Image Credit: RCN Education Forum

  • Link to Site: RCN Research Conference
  • Cost: Varies, usually free for RCN members.
  • Aimed at: Nursing professionals and researchers.
  • Benefits: This conference offers insights into the latest nursing research, providing you with evidence-based knowledge.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Date: 10-12th September 2024
  • Timing: Not Specified
  • Registration Link:
  • Venue: Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1XA

The RCN International Nursing Research Conference undoubtedly stands out as one of the best nursing events for those on a quest to broaden their horizons and dive into the captivating world of nursing research.

This event offers a unique opportunity for nurses who are genuinely enthusiastic about research.

It’s a special gathering where nurses from diverse backgrounds and experiences can come together to exchange ideas, seek answers to pressing questions, and kindle their inspiration.

This annual event serves as a dynamic platform for attendees to fully immerse themselves in the latest developments in nursing research.

It’s like a window into the most recent discoveries and insights in nursing. What’s more, it’s an arena where passionate nurses can engage in lively discussions about the ever-evolving field of nursing.

For nurses with a hunger to stay informed, learn, and connect with fellow professionals, this conference is a “can’t-miss” opportunity. It’s like nurturing the flame of your passion for nursing research.

So, if you’re keen to explore, expand your knowledge, and mingle with like-minded individuals in the world of nursing research, this conference is an absolute must-attend event for you.

United the Union conference

Image Credit: Unite -theUnion in the Health

  • Link to Site: Unite the Union Health Studies Conference
  • Cost: Usually, it’s free.
  • Aimed at: Healthcare professionals, including nurses and carers.
  • Benefits: You’ll have the chance to explore various health-related topics and gain valuable knowledge.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Date: 12nd-18th February 2024
  • Theme for 2024: “Want a pay rise? Join a union”
  • Registration Link:
  • Time: Subject to specific circumstances
  • Venue: Barcelona
  • Cost: Varies depending on the requirements

The Unite the Union Annual Health Studies Conference makes a significant mark in the lineup of the best nursing events. With over 100,000 health sector workers, this is another event in the UK to look our for.

This event brings together a diverse community of healthcare professionals, including nurses and a variety of other healthcare experts, all driven by a shared eagerness to delve into a wide array of health-related topics and gather valuable insights.

The welcoming nature of this conference is notable, as it usually maintains an open-door policy, making it accessible to healthcare professionals from various backgrounds.

While the costs can vary, attending this event presents a golden opportunity to network, acquire new knowledge, and remain informed about the latest advancements in the ever-evolving healthcare sector.

For healthcare professionals who are keen to expand their horizons, this conference offers an excellent platform to enrich their understanding of health studies.

It also provides a valuable space to connect with like-minded individuals who share a deep passion for exploring the intricacies of health-related topics.

If you’re a healthcare professional looking to broaden your knowledge and make meaningful connections, this conference is a must-attend, offering a gateway to endless possibilities in healthcare.

Nurses Nominated for 2024

Image Credit: Nursing Standard Website -10 Nurses named in the honour list for 2024 Award

  • Link to Site: RCNI Nurse Awards
  • Cost: Typically free or discounted for RCN members.
  • Aimed at: Nurses.
  • Benefits: Celebrate the achievements of nurses and get inspired by their success stories.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Entry Deadline:  15th December 2023
  • Timing: Celebrated on Friday 26 April 2024
  • Registration Link:
  • Location: JW Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel

The RCNI Nurse Awards truly stand as a beacon of prestige and excellence among the best nursing events.

This exceptional awards ceremony serves as a noteworthy celebration, putting a spotlight on the remarkable accomplishments of nurses.

Moreover, it provides a prominent platform to pay tribute to their unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions to the nursing profession.

Participating in the RCNI Nurse Awards is far more than just a chance to acknowledge the incredible work of nurses; it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in the inspiring stories of their extraordinary achievements.

This event unfolds its splendor annually, uniting nurses and healthcare professionals in a collective effort to recognize, applaud, and celebrate the very best within the nursing community.

The RCNI Nurse Awards is an indispensable event for anyone involved in the world of nursing. It serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of nursing professionals and showcases the heights of excellence that can be achieved in the field.

For those seeking inspiration and a deeper appreciation of the nursing profession, this ceremony is an annual must-attend, offering a unique and heartwarming experience.

The Jan Dewing Memorial Award

Image Credit: Foundation of Nursing Students Conference

  • Link to Site: Foundation of Nursing Student Conference
  • Cost: Usually free.
  • Aimed at: Nursing professionals.
  • Benefits: Learn from the experiences and stories of seasoned nurses.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Closing Date:  26th February 2024
  • Award Price for 2024:  £1,000
  • Application Link:

The Foundation of Nursing Studies Conference undoubtedly ranks high among the best nursing events tailor-made for those within the nursing profession.

This conference offers a one-of-a-kind platform for nurses to come together, exchange their unique experiences, and draw inspiration from seasoned professionals.

It’s a dedicated event designed to bolster the knowledge and skills of nursing practitioners.

The Professor Jan Dewing Memorial Award 2024

Apply on their website for this 2024 Award

This annual gathering presents a golden opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the wealth of stories and experiences shared by experienced nurses.

These shared stories and experiences help others, offering valuable insights and lessons that can be adapted and adopted to personal experience.

The conference becomes a bridge between the experienced and those eager to learn, creating a powerful network of knowledge and expertise.

For any nurse on a quest to enrich their understanding and establish connections with fellow nursing professionals, this conference serves as an invaluable resource.

It keeps you informed about the latest developments in the nursing field and also offers a supportive community that believes in the power of shared experiences and continuous learning.

National Children and Adult Service conference banner for 2024

Image Credit: NCASC

  • Link to Site: National Children and Adult Services Conference
  • Cost: Varies.
  • Aimed at: Primary care nursing professionals.
  • Benefits: Learn about the latest trends and best practices in primary care nursing.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Date: 27-29th November 2024
  • Timing: not disclosed yet
  • Registration Link:
  • Venue: NCASC 2024 will take place at the ACC Liverpool

The National Children and Adult Services Conference is undeniably among the best nursing events, catering not only to nurses but also to healthcare professionals dedicated to the well-being of both children and adults.

This annual event offers a unique platform for attendees to gain insights into the latest policies and practices in children and adult services.

The conference provides a valuable opportunity for professionals in these fields to come together, share their experiences, and learn from one another.

What sets this event apart is its ability to bring together a diverse group of individuals, all with the common goal of improving the quality of care for children and adults.

If you’re a nurse or healthcare professional committed to enhancing your knowledge and staying up-to-date on the latest in the field, this conference is an event you will want to attend.

Elevate your clinical care

Primary Care Conference

Image Credit: Primary Care Nursing UK

The Primary Care Nursing Conference distinguishes itself as one of the standout contenders among the best nursing events for nurses deeply dedicated to honing their skills and staying at the forefront of the latest trends in primary care.

This conference goes beyond the ordinary, offering a unique opportunity to connect with fellow professionals. You get to tap into the expertise of subject matter authorities, and explore the freshest developments in primary care nursing best practices.

What makes this conference truly exceptional is that it’s not a one-time affair; it’s a recurring annual event.

This means that nurses have a consistent platform to keep their knowledge and skills sharp, ensuring they can deliver the best care to their patients.

If you’re a nurse genuinely committed to providing top-tier primary care, this conference is an indispensable component of your journey toward professional development and excellence.

The event keeps you ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of primary care nursing.

British Geriatric Society 2024 Events

Image Source: From BCG Website

  • Link to Site: BGS 2024 Meeting
  • Cost: Varies. (Free for BCG Members)
  • Aimed at: Healthcare professionals interested in geriatrics.
  • Benefits: Gain insights into the care of older adults.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Date: 22-24 May 2024 ( Spring) and 20-22 November 2024 (Autumn)
  • Timing: not disclosed yet
  • Speakers: Professor Janet Lord and Professor Andrew Elder
  • Registration Link:
  • Venue: The Vox, Birmingham (May) and Excel London (November)
  • CPD Credits: 18 credits of live CPD from RCP

The British Geriatrics Society Meeting stands out as one of the best nursing events for healthcare professionals, particularly those with a focus on geriatrics.

This event provides an exceptional platform to explore the field of elderly care. It offers insights into the unique challenges and evolving practices in this area of healthcare.

Suppose you’re a nurse or a healthcare professional specializing in geriatrics. If so, this gathering offers a great chance to learn new things, network with colleagues, and remain current on industry advancements.

This event can be very helpful to anyone who wants to improve their abilities and have a good influence on senior citizens.

UKCNA33 Conference 2024

Image Source: UKCNA Website

  • Link to Site: UKCNA Conference
  • Cost: Varies.
  • Aimed at: Critical care nursing professionals.
  • Benefits: Enhance your knowledge and skills in critical care nursing.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Date: 27th-30th June 2024
  • Timing: Not disclosed yet
  • Registration Link:
  • Venue: Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool

The UK Critical Nursing Alliance Conference stands out as one of the best nursing events in the United Kingdom.

This conference is a fantastic networking opportunity for critical care nursing practitioners who wish to expand their expertise and keep current on industry advancements.

It’s a platform where like-minded individuals come together to share experiences, insights, and innovative ideas.

You can build a network of passionate people like you by attending this conference, which also improves your critical care nursing skills.

The best part is that it happens annually, offering you a consistent opportunity to elevate your expertise and network with others in critical nursing.

If you’re a critical care nurse looking to learn, grow, and connect, the UK Critical Nursing Alliance Conference must be on your annual calendar.

The Queen's Nursing Institute Webpage banner

Image source: QNI website

  • Link to Site: QNI Conference
  • Cost: Usually free.
  • Aimed at: Community nursing professionals.
  • Benefits: Stay updated on community nursing practices.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Date: Not Announced
  • Timing:
  • Past Event Link:
  • Venue: Online

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Conference stands out as one of the best nursing events in the field of community nursing.

This annual conference is a prime opportunity for healthcare professionals dedicated to community nursing to gather and share their experiences, insights, and best practices.

It’s a place where you can expand your knowledge, stay updated on the latest trends in community nursing, and network with like-minded individuals.

This event provides an opportunity for professionals at all levels to learn, develop, and network with like-minded individuals passionate about delivering high-quality care in community settings.

If you’re looking to enhance your skills and stay updated in the realm of community nursing, mark the Queen’s Nursing Institute Conference on your calendar as one of the must-attend nursing events of the year.

Master your clinical craft

Nursing 365 conference 2024

Image Source: Nursing 365 website

  • Link to Site: Nursing in Practice 365 Conference
  • Cost: Free Registration
  • Aimed at: Nursing professionals.
  • Benefits: Learn about the latest trends in nursing.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Registration Link:
  • CPD Credit: 6
  • Dates: 13th February 2024 (Virtual), 23rd March 2024 (Southampton), and 28th March 2024 (London)
  • Venues: Leonardo Royal Hotel Southampton Grand Harbour and Novotel London West

The Nursing in Practice Conference is undoubtedly one of the best nursing events you can participate in in the nursing world.

It’s a remarkable gathering that unites nursing professionals from various backgrounds, offering an invaluable platform to expand your horizons, share your experiences, and refine your skills.

This conference is where the magic happens – it’s a hub of the most current trends and practices in the nursing field.

Whether you’re a seasoned nurse keen on passing down your wisdom or a novice eager to soak in the knowledge from the best in the business, the Nursing in Practice 365 conference for 2024 is a must-attend event to enrich your nursing journey.

The best part is that it occurs annually, providing you with a consistent source of knowledge and networking opportunities, ensuring you’re always on the pulse of the ever-evolving nursing landscape.

Free tickets for the Nursing in Practice 2024 Conference include:

  • Access to all conference sessions
  • CPD for your revalidation portfolio
  • Refreshments and lunch
  • Networking time
  • Industry exhibition
Royal marsden conference 2024
  • Link to Site: Royal Marsden Conference
  • Cost: £150.00 usually
  • Aimed at: Oncology and cancer care professionals.
  • Benefits: Gain insights into cancer care and oncology.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Date: 20th March 2024
  • Theme for 2024: Study Day
  • Timing: 9 AM
  • Registration Link:
  • Venue: The Royal Marsden Education and Conference Centre, London SW3 6JJ

The Royal Marsden Conference stands as a prominent contender among the best nursing events, particularly for those involved in oncology and cancer care.

This unique gathering offers an opportunity for nurses and healthcare professionals to immerse themselves in the latest developments and training in oncology.

With a varying cost, it brings together experts and enthusiasts to share insights, knowledge, and best practices in cancer care.

As an annual event, it consistently provides a platform for individuals passionate about improving their skills and staying informed in the ever-evolving world of oncology nursing.

If you’re a healthcare professional in the field of cancer care, this conference is an invaluable resource to further your expertise and network with peers who share your dedication.

UK Kidney Conference 2024
  • Link to Site: UK Kidney Association Website
  • Cost: Varies.
  • Aimed at: Healthcare professionals interested in renal care.
  • Benefits: Learn about the latest developments in renal care.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Date: Registration opens in the spring
  • Timing: 11th and 12th October 2024
  • Registration Link:
  • Venue: Arden Hotel, in Birmingham.

The British Renal Society Conference is unquestionably one of the foremost gatherings among the roster of the best nursing events.

This conference presents an unparalleled opportunity for nursing professionals to immerse themselves in renal care, learn about the most recent advancements, and engage in valuable discussions.

With healthcare providers who share a common interest in renal care, this annual event offers a unique platform for learning, networking, and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

If you are a nurse passionate about renal care, attending the British Renal Society Conference is a vital step toward nurturing your knowledge and connecting with peers in the nursing community.

UKAFNA Conference
  • Link to Site: UKAF Conference 2024
  • Cost: Varies.
  • Aimed at: Forensic nursing professionals.
  • Benefits: Enhance your knowledge in forensic nursing.
  • Frequency: Annually.
  • Date: Not announced
  • Timing:
  • Conference Link:
  • Venue: None

The UK Association of Forensic Nurses & Paramedics Conference unquestionably secures its spot as one of the top contenders for the title of the best nursing conference in 2024. 2023 year’s theme was “seeing the Unseen”, which focused on domestic violence, abuse and forceful control.

This conference offers a unique and highly valuable opportunity for nurses who specialize in forensic nursing.

It serves as a gathering ground where like-minded professionals can come together, sharing their wealth of knowledge and gaining fresh insights into cutting-edge developments in forensic nursing.

As an annual event, it provides a consistent platform for nurses to continually enhance their expertise in forensic nursing.

Whether you’re an experienced forensic nurse seeking to expand your knowledge or a newcomer eager to dig into this exciting field, attending this conference is the perfect way to stay updated and engaged with fellow professionals.

It’s not just an educational event; it’s a vital community-building experience for forensic nurses, fostering connections and a sense of belonging among those passionate about this specialized nursing field.

nursing live event for october 2024
  • Link to Site:
  • Cost: Free
  • Event Date: Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 October 2024
  • Timing: 9.30am and finishes at 5pm
  • Registration Link:
  • Location: the Exhibition Centre Liverpool, King’s Dock, Port of Liverpool, Liverpool.
  • Who the event is for: Nurses and healthcare professionals.
  • Benefits to attendees: The only nursing event of its kind in the UK, Nursing Live brings thousands of nurses together to enjoy two days of high-quality professional development, peer-to-peer collaboration, well-being activities and more.
  • Frequency: Annually

The only nursing event of its kind in the UK, Nursing Live will bring thousands of nurses together to enjoy a packed day of high-quality professional development, peer-to-peer collaboration, interactive activities, and much more. 

Featuring over 100 presentations, demonstrations, and masterclasses – together with special zones focused on the very latest clinical and technological advances in all aspects of healthcare – Nursing Live will support your CPD progression, develop your skills, and inform your practice. 

The event will also give you access to a wide range of self-care guidance and lifestyle resources designed specifically for nurses. This means you’ll get the chance to enhance your career, and boost your personal well-being, all under one roof. 

If you would like to discuss how your organisation can exhibit, sponsor, or be a part of Nursing Live 2024, please email   

These top 15 nursing events in the UK for 2024 offer a fantastic opportunity for nurses, carers, and healthcare professionals to stay informed, enhance their skills, and connect with peers in the field.

Whether you’re interested in research, care training, or networking, these events have something for everyone.

So, mark your calendars, book your tickets, and prepare to make the most of these invaluable opportunities in 2024.

Don’t forget to follow the event hashtags on social media and stay connected with the nursing community.

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