OK, so I want to make a difference, but I have no idea how. So I begin with a single footstep. Asking questions, talking to services users (this is the label that us healthcare professionals give the individuals in our care), relatives and friends of service users. I also talked to the MDT (The Multidisciplinary […]

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A nurses minute is the longest minute in the world

    I am typing this as I dust off my open toe sandals and store away my winter coat. Brighter, sunnier, longer days = mood elevated and the feeling that anything is possible. I will continue where I left off and introduce you properly to Joyce. As the story unfolds you will hopefully see […]

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‘If success looks good to the world, but does not feel good to you soul, it’s not success at all’

Bonjour and welcome to my blog in connection with my company, Caring For Care Ltd. So, what to say when you feel like you are talking to yourself? I guess I will use this blog as an icebreaker; each month furiously typing away to hopefully show you how hard I’ve been working in order to […]

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