• Level 2
  • 3 Hours Duration
  • 1 Year Certificate

First Aid At Work Annual Refresher

This half day First Aid At Work Refresher course is aimed at businesses that have staff members who have already completed either the 3 day First Aid At Work – Level 3 Award or the Emergency First Aid at Work – Level 2 Award training but are due an annual refresher as recommended by current legislation.

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This half day First Aid At Work Refresher course is aimed at businesses that have staff members who have already completed either the 3 day First Aid At Work

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Course Summary

  • How to act safely and effectively in an emergency
  • Deal with a casualty who is unconscious
  • Administer cardio pulmonary resuscitation
  • Deal with a casualty who is suffering from shock
  • Deal with a casualty who is wounded and bleeding

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First Aid Training FAQs

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    Where Do You Deliver The First Aid at Work Refresher Training?

    We can cover the whole of the UK. Also, we have our own venues in the Midlands if you don't have access to a training room.

    Who Is This First Aid at Work Refresher Training For?

    This training is for anyone working within a workplace that requires first aid cover.

    How Many Delegates Can I Have On One Session?

    We will deliver this training for a group of up to 12 delegates. Similarly, for larger groups we can either provide multiple trainers on the same day or run multiple days to get everyone trained.

    Who Will Conduct The Training?

    One of our expert clinical tutors, these are either Nurses or Doctors with an abundance of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge – so you’ll be in great hands! Furthermore, we will let you know who is doing the training in advance, you can check out their skills and experience by finding them on our meet the team page.

First Aid At Work Annual Refresher

This half day First Aid At Work Refresher course is aimed at businesses that have staff members who have already completed either the 3 day First Aid At Work – Level 3 Award or the Emergency First Aid at Work – Level 2 Award training but are due an annual refresher as recommended by current legislation.

This refresher course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to act safely and effectively in emergency situations.

Course Content:

1. Introduction to First Aid:

  • Importance of first aid in saving lives and preventing further harm
  • Legal aspects and responsibilities of first aid providers

2. Assessing the Situation:

  • Recognizing an emergency and activating emergency medical services
  • Prioritizing your actions and ensuring personal safety

3. Unconscious Casualties:

  • Identifying signs of an unconscious casualty
  • Safe approach and positioning
  • Performing primary and secondary surveys

4. Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR):

  • Understanding the importance of CPR in cardiac arrest scenarios
  • Demonstrating proper hand placement and compression technique
  • Practicing rescue breaths and compression ratios

5. Casualties Suffering from Shock:

  • Recognizing signs of shock and different types of shock
  • Providing comfort and reassurance to the casualty
  • Positioning and administering first aid to manage shock

6. Wounds and Bleeding:

  • Assessing the severity of wounds and types of bleeding
  • Applying pressure and dressings to control bleeding
  • Understanding tourniquet use and its limitations

7. Practical Scenarios:

  • Engaging in hands-on exercises and simulations to reinforce skills
  • Dealing with various emergency scenarios involving unconsciousness, CPR, shock, and wounds

8. First Aid Kits and Equipment:

  • Identifying essential items for a well-stocked first aid kit
  • Proper use and maintenance of first aid supplies

9. Review and Q&A:

  • Summarizing key points and techniques covered
  • Addressing participant questions and concerns

By revisiting essential first aid techniques, attendees will gain the confidence to handle unconscious casualties, administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), treat individuals in shock, and manage wounded and bleeding victims.

Learning Outcome for First Aid at Work Annual Refresher Course:

After completing the course, participants will:

  • Act safely and effectively during emergencies.
  • Handle unconscious casualties with confidence.
  • Administer CPR proficiently in cardiac arrest situations.
  • Manage shock and wounded casualties appropriately.
  • Adapt to new scenarios and stay updated with guidelines.
  • Prioritize actions and respond swiftly.
  • Foster a safety-conscious culture.
  • Retain and reinforce essential first aid skills.

These outcomes ensure a safer workplace and preparedness for medical emergencies.

Who Should Attend a First Aid at Work Refresher Course?

The First Aid at Work Annual Refresher Course is for:

  • First aid responders
  • Safety team members
  • First aid certificate holders
  • Healthcare professionals
  • High-risk industry workers
  • Educators
  • Public service workers
  • Community volunteers
  • Parents and caregivers

Ideal for maintaining essential first aid skills in various workplace settings. You can check our online emergency first aid course if you would prefer to study at your convenience.

FAAW Training Course Completion:

Upon successfully completing the First Aid Refresher Course, participants will receive a certification that validates their refreshed first aid skills and their ability to act promptly and confidently during emergencies.

What is First Aid At Work  (FAAW) Training?

First aid at work training is a specialized program that teaches people how to provide immediate assistance to injured or ill colleagues.

The training equips individuals with essential skills for handling medical emergencies until professional help arrives.

The training emphasizes staying calm and acting swiftly during emergencies, along with understanding legal responsibilities in providing first aid at work.

It creates a safer workplace, empowering employees to respond effectively during accidents, saving lives, and reducing injury impact.

Why is the First Aid Refresher Course Important?

First aid at work refresher training is vital for:

  • Maintaining competence
  • Boosting confidence
  • Adapting to new scenarios to minimise emergencies at work place.
  • Addressing knowledge gaps
  • Ensuring swift response times to situations at the workplace
  • Promoting a safety culture, especially in the workplace.

To read more about the importance of first aid training, please visit this link.

What are the 5 principles of first aid?

The five principles of first aid are:

  1. Preserve Life: The primary goal of first aid is to save lives. Responders should prioritize actions that protect and sustain the life of the casualty.
  2. Prevent Further Injury: First aid aims to prevent the casualty’s condition from worsening. Responders must take measures to minimize additional harm or complications.
  3. Promote Recovery: Providing first aid assistance that supports the casualty’s recovery process is essential. This may include administering appropriate treatments and creating a safe environment.
  4. Protect the Unconscious: When dealing with unconscious casualties, responders must ensure their safety and maintain an open airway to allow for breathing.
  5. Seek Professional Help: While first aid can be crucial in stabilizing a casualty, it is not a substitute for professional medical care. Seeking medical assistance promptly is vital for comprehensive treatment and evaluation.

How often should you do first aid at work refresher training?

The frequency of first aid at work refresher training depends on the regulations and guidelines set by the specific country or region and the organization’s policies.

In general, refresher training for first aid at work is recommended every one to three years.

It’s essential to check the local regulations and guidelines relevant to your specific workplace to determine the recommended frequency for first aid refresher training.

Additionally, organizations should assess their unique risks and needs when deciding how often to provide refresher training to their employees.