Emergency First Aid Awareness


Under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, employers must provide proper equipment, facilities, and trained personnel to administer first aid in the event of employee injuries or illnesses.

This Emergency First Aid Awareness course equips your staff with essential first aid skills and knowledge required for your business.


Emergency First Aid Awareness Online Course

Equip your staff with essential first aid skills through our Emergency First Aid Awareness online course. Learn how to recognize and manage emergency situations, administer first aid safely, and provide basic life support. This course is designed for any low-risk workplace, such as offices, shops, or restaurants, where employees can benefit from learning new first aid skills or refreshing their existing knowledge.

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The course covers important topics including controlling bleeding, strains and sprains, and examining a casualty. By completing this training, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to respond effectively in emergency situations, potentially saving lives.

For workplaces requiring fully qualified first aiders, we also offer the comprehensive Emergency First Aid at Work training course. Invest in the safety of your staff and create a prepared and resilient workforce with our Emergency First Aid Awareness course.

  • Managing incidents
  • Basic life support – CPR
  • Control of bleeding
  • Choking
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Examination of a casualty
  • Unconsciousness
  • Head injury
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Shock

Our accredited online course is suitable for employees across all industries. Upon completion, you will receive a downloadable and printable certificate, validating your Emergency First Aid Awareness training.

Course Outline:

In the Emergency First Aid Awareness Course, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and skills to effectively manage various incidents and provide essential first aid. The course covers the following topics:

  1. Managing Incidents: Learn how to assess and respond to emergencies, ensuring the safety of the casualty and others present.
  2. Basic Life Support – CPR: Acquire the skills to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), including chest compressions and rescue breaths.
  3. Control of Bleeding: Understand techniques for controlling and managing different types of bleeding, such as direct pressure and the use of dressings.
  4. Choking: Learn how to identify and respond to choking emergencies, including techniques to clear airway obstructions.
  5. Anaphylaxis: Gain knowledge on recognizing and providing emergency treatment for severe allergic reactions, including the administration of an adrenaline auto-injector.
  6. Examination of a Casualty: Develop the ability to assess and examine a casualty to determine the nature and severity of their injuries or illnesses.
  7. Unconsciousness: Understand how to assess and manage an unconscious person, including the appropriate recovery position.
  8. Head Injury: Learn about the recognition and initial management of head injuries, emphasizing the importance of prompt medical attention.
  9. Strains and Sprains: Explore the management and first aid treatment for common musculoskeletal injuries, such as strains and sprains.
  10. Shock: Gain an understanding of the signs and symptoms of shock and learn how to provide immediate first aid care to stabilize the casualty.

Learning Outcome:

On completion of the Emergency First Aid Awareness course, learners will be able to:

  1. Effectively manage various incidents, ensuring the safety of the casualty and others present.
  2. Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and provide basic life support.
  3. Control and manage different types of bleeding.
  4. Identify and respond to choking emergencies.
  5. Recognize and provide emergency treatment for anaphylaxis.
  6. Assess and examine a casualty to determine the nature and severity of injuries or illnesses.
  7. Assess and manage unconscious individuals, including placing them in the appropriate recovery position.
  8. Recognize and manage head injuries, emphasizing the importance of prompt medical attention.
  9. Provide first aid treatment for strains and sprains.
  10. Identify and provide immediate first aid care for individuals experiencing shock.

By achieving these learning outcomes, participants will have the knowledge and skills to confidently respond to emergency situations and administer appropriate first aid care.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the workplace, having the right first aid skills is crucial. To assist you, our first aid training experts have addressed common questions. Feel free to contact us for any additional inquire- 01782 563333.

What is emergency first aid awareness?

Emergency first aid awareness is about knowing how to help someone who is hurt or very sick until doctors or paramedics can arrive. It includes learning things like how to check if the area is safe, how to do CPR (chest compressions and rescue breathing) to help someone whose heart has stopped, how to stop severe bleeding, and how to care for wounds.

It also covers recognizing and giving basic help for problems like heart attacks, strokes, allergies, seizures, and diabetic emergencies. You can learn about emergency first aid by taking classes, watching videos, or reading simple guides. Remember, though, that it’s always important to call for professional medical help when someone is seriously hurt or sick.

What is the difference between emergency first aid and first aid at work?

The difference between Emergency First Aid and First Aid at Work lies in the scope and depth of the training. Emergency First Aid focuses on basic life-saving skills and immediate response to emergencies, while First Aid at Work provides comprehensive training for workplace-specific injuries and illnesses, along with more advanced first aid techniques.

First Aid at Work is intended for individuals who have a designated responsibility for providing first aid in the workplace and requires a more extensive training course.

How long does emergency first aid at work last?

Emergency first aid at work can last for a few hours up to one or two days. Some courses are shorter and cover basic knowledge and skills, like CPR, stopping bleeding, and helping with choking.

These courses may take just a few hours. Other courses are longer, usually lasting one to two days. They cover more topics and go into more detail about first aid in the workplace.

It’s important to practice and refresh your skills regularly to stay prepared. Some rules may require you to take the training again every so often to make sure you still know what to do in an emergency.

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