• Level 3
  • 4 - 6 Hours Duration
  • 1 Year Certificate

Mental Capacity Act and DoLS For Managers Training

This Mental Capacity Act and DoLS for managers training course aims to provide delegates with a clear understanding of their responsibilities as managers in relation to Deprivation of Liberties Safeguards (DOLS).

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This Mental Capacity Act and DoLS for managers training course aims to provide delegates with a clear understanding of their responsibilities as managers in relation to Deprivation of Liberties Safeguards (DOLS).

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Course Summary

  • Introduction and explanation
  • Knowledge of relevant legislation
  • Awareness of MCA and DOLS
  • Lawful and unlawful deprivation
  • Awareness of Best Interest Decisions
  • Understand how the MCA and DOLS impact and provide support for those with learning disabilities and mental health conditions

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Training FAQs

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    Where Do You Deliver The Mental Capacity Act and DoLS For Managers Training?

    We can deliver this training at your premises, as long as it's within the UK. We also have our own venues in the Midlands if you don't have access to a training room. Also, we are able to deliver this training virtually using Zoom.

    Who Is This Training For?

    This training is for anyone working within the health and social care sector.

    How Many Delegates Can I Have On One Session?

    We will deliver this training for a group of up to 12 delegates. For larger groups we can either provide multiple trainers on the same day or run multiple days to get everyone trained.

    Who Will Conduct The Training?

    One of our expert clinical tutors, these are either Nurses or Doctors with an abundance of clinical and complex care experience and knowledge – so you’ll be in great hands! Furthermore, we will let you know who is doing the training in advance, you can check out their skills and experience by finding them on our meet the team page.

MCA and DOLS Training For Managers

This Mental Capacity Act and DOLS (mca/dols) for managers training course aims to provide delegates with a clear understanding of their responsibilities as managers in relation to Deprivation of Liberties Safeguards (DOLS).

The training will also explain the Mental Capacity Act’s implementation throughout the industry.

This vital training provides managers with a strong working knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS). Gain greater awareness of lawful versus unlawful deprivation of liberty.

Understand how to make best interest decisions for vulnerable individuals lacking capacity. Learn how MCA and DOLS provide critical safeguards for those with learning disabilities, dementia, and mental health conditions.

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of this mca and dols training for managers course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of the MCA 2005 and associated codes of practice.
  • Recognise when the MCA versus DOLS applies to a given situation.
  • Make lawful decisions in the best interests of those lacking mental capacity.
  • Avoid unlawful deprivation of liberty through proportional restrictions.
  • Implement DOLS protocols when restraint may be warranted.
  • Obtain consent appropriately from individuals or attorneys.
  • Support employees with reduced mental capacity in the least restrictive manner.
  • Monitor evolving capacity and adjust approaches accordingly.
  • Access resources for formal capacity assessments when needed.
  • Document decisions and care rationale thoroughly.

This course ensures managers remain compliant with MCA and DOLS while supporting vulnerable individuals respectfully.

Mental Capacity Act (MCA)

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) is a law in the United Kingdom that creates a structure for making decisions on behalf of individuals who may not have the ability to make their own choices.

These reasons may include dementia, learning disabilities, or brain injuries.

The law establishes a procedure for assessing an individual’s decision-making capacity.

If the person is found to be incapable, the Act explains how decisions should be made in their best interests.

The Act is intended to safeguard vulnerable adults while also upholding their rights and freedoms.


Deprivation of Liberty (DoLS)

DoLS, an abbreviation of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards is designed to protect vulnerable adults residing in care homes or hospitals. It is a set of regulations that may curtail their freedom to ensure their safety.

Staff may need to take measures, such as locking doors, in order to prevent a person with dementia from wandering off and getting lost.

DoLS limits the use of such restrictive measures to essential situations and also protects the rights and liberties of an individual to the greatest extent possible.

MCA Training For Managers Course Outline

The mca and dols training for managers covers:

  • MCA Legislation Overview
    • Key principles and provisions
    • Defining mental capacity
    • Determining capacity in practice
  • Unwise Decisions vs Lacking Capacity
    • Assessing ability to make decisions
    • Accounting for unwise or eccentric choices
  • Best Interest Decisions
    • Weighing factors and input
    • Arriving at least restrictive approach
    • Challenging best interest decisions
  • Deprivation of Liberty
    • When restrictions become deprivation
    • Lawful vs unlawful deprivation
    • Using DOLS protocols appropriately
  • DOLS in Practice
    • Recognizing potential deprivation
    • Consulting DOLS teams
    • Authorizations and conditions
    • Appealing authorisations
  • Case Studies
    • Analysing scenarios
    • Determining appropriate approaches
  • Resources for Ongoing Application
    • References, tools, and supports

Ensure you meet legal duties while empowering and safeguarding employees through this essential MCA and DOLS training.

MCA Training For Managers FAQs

Q: What is MCA training for managers?

A: MCA training for managers focuses on educating leaders about the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and its application in decision-making.

It helps managers understand their responsibilities, including assessing capacity, making best-interest decisions, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Q: Why is MCA training important for managers?

A: MCA training is crucial for managers as it equips them with the knowledge and skills to navigate complex decision-making scenarios. It ensures that managers can uphold the principles of the MCA, safeguard individuals’ rights, and lead their teams in accordance with legal and ethical standards.

Q: What does DOLS training involve for managers?

A: DOLS training for managers covers the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS), a legal framework to protect individuals who lack capacity and are at risk of being deprived of their liberty.

The training includes understanding the principles of DOLS, the assessment process, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Q: How does MCA and DOLS training benefit managerial roles?

A: MCA and DOLS training benefits managerial roles by providing essential knowledge to effectively lead teams in situations involving individuals who may lack capacity.

It empowers managers to make informed decisions, ensures legal compliance, and promotes a person-centred approach to care and support.


Q: When should managers undergo MCA and DOLS training?

A: Managers should undergo MCA and DOLS training as part of their professional development.

This is true, especially if they oversee teams responsible for the care, support, or decision-making for individuals who may lack mental capacity.

Regular training updates are recommended to stay abreast of any legislative changes.

Q: How can MCA and DOLS training enhance managerial decision-making?

A: MCA and DOLS training enhance managerial decision-making by providing a clear understanding of legal frameworks, ethical considerations, and practical applications.

This equips managers to lead confidently, ensuring the protection of individuals’ rights and the legal compliance of their decision-making processes.


Q: When should you do an MCA?

A: Do an MCA assessment when you’re making choices for someone who might struggle with decision-making.

It’s crucial when deciding about their care, treatment, or important parts of their life.