Edd Tillen-Phlebotomist


Hi, I’m Edd Tillen.

I started my career completing an IT NVQ working in the training and development department of a hospital.

Worked for social care and the NHS in Leicestershire for 13 years, mostly working in communications, event management, and training and development.

In 2015 left the council to become a full time freelance trainer, opened a few 4D ultrasound scanning clinics, qualified as a phlebotomist, wrote a phlebotomy course, and now travel the country delivering training in phlebotomy, IT, and a range of other statutory courses, including first aid and safeguarding, specialising in health and social care, while taking bloods for private labs in people’s homes during my time off.

I’ve also been in the army reserves for 14 years. Started as a driver, qualified to drive trucks and buses, becoming a chef, and finally, in 2015, transferred to the army medical corps as a combat medical technician (CMT).

Phlebotomy (including cannulation and advanced techniques)
IT (including all aspects of Microsoft Office 365)
First Aid and BLS
Fire Warden

  • Hobby: running, climbing, mountain biking, and hill walking
  • Favourite Music: Oasis
  • Favourite Movie: Shawshank Redemption or Happy Gilmore depending on my mood