Olufemi Lawore

Digital Sales Optimizer

Hi, I am Olufemi. Femi for short.

I am a digital sales optimiser at Caring for Care. I have spent the last 7 years working as a digital marketer in the FMCG and Energy sectors.

I focus on the data and psychological aspects of marketing. I love to understand how people make decisions, even though human behaviour is complex.

I enjoy starting new challenges and working hard to achieve good results.

I love reading, music (anything that drives inspiration and creativity), helping people, cooking food and watching good movies. One of my biggest goals is to learn how to swim, although I haven’t made serious efforts yet.

My favourite food is plantain and egg. I used to be a Chelsea FC fan, but now I support any club that plays good football.

  • Hobby: Reading books, music, writing, helping people, and traveling
  • Favourite Music: Enya (Only time, Amarantine, and other), Instrumental by Two Steps from Hell
  • Favourite Movie: Madam C.J Walker