Clinical trainer


I’m Robert-David clinical trainer, my background is as a registered nurse for 20years + and before that I was a HCA. I have had multiple roles including, Charge Nurse in AMU, Ward Charge Nurse, Forensic Medicine which lead me onto the role of clinical lead for the prison service in the area of substance misuse, my joy however has always been in training Nurses, HCAs, Students and junior DRs and now I spend all my time delivering training mainly in the London area.

I’m married with two amazing boys taking my life into my own hands at the moment teaching the eldest to drive ! My fantastic wife was also a nurse and she now delivers training for Caring for Care.

In my younger days I was an English Amateur Ballroom Dancer, too portly now, my main passion is our beautiful garden in Shropshire in the most idyllic  rural village, cooking hearty meals (very traditional)and my passion for Mercedes Benz but my dream car is a Morgan 4×4 we can all dream.

Apart from my wife and boys my best friends are our two dogs Bella a cocker spaniel and the magnificent Harry a proud Japanese Akita who turns heads, of course not forgetting the two cats George and his sister Missy.


  • Hobby: Cooking hearty meals