Syma Jabeen-Health and Social Care Trainer

Health and Social Care Trainer

Hi I’m Syma Jabeen.

I am a Health and Social Care Trainer at CFC. My career within the Care Industry started back in 2009 I worked my way up within the sector and qualified at degree levels in Health and Social Care, Teaching, Training and Assessing.

I am also a qualified as a Lead Invigilator.

I set up a Training Department being in FTE for a SME who provided Residential Facilities for Adults with LD and MH within the West Midlands area.

I developed my Skills and Knowledge to complete Tenders and Policy Write. I successfully secured a direct contract with the ESFA offering Apprenticeships to External Employers. 

I’ve now become self-employed and I provide both Training for CFC and Consultancy Services to SME’s who wish to develop on the Quality of their Provision.

  • Hobby: I love shooting, I am a member of a shooting club and we regularly attend events at MOD Premises. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family. 
  • Favourite Music: I like all types of music, but it is dependent on my mood. 
  • Favourite Movie: I love trillers, suspense, and action movies.