• Level 2
  • 3 Hours Duration
  • 1 Year Certificate

Health and Safety Awareness Training

This health & safety awareness training session is an introductory overview of health and safety issues for health and social care staff.

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This health & safety awareness training session is an introductory overview of health and safety issues for health and social care staff.

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Course Summary

  • Explore health and safety legislation and delve into the risk assessment process.
  • Examine both employer and employee responsibilities, emphasizing their legal duties.
  • Clarify the definitions of 'Hazards' and 'Risks.'
  • Emphasize the significance of preventing work-related illnesses.
  • Analyse the COSHH 2002 Regulations and their relevance in the workplace.
  • Present the core principles of manual handling with a focus on safety.
  • Highlight guidelines for the safe administration of medication.
  • Recognise the critical role of infection control in workplace safety.
  • Discuss the vital role of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in ensuring safety.
  • Strategies and ways to mitigate work-related stress.

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Training FAQ’s

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    Where Do You Deliver The Health & Safety Awareness Course?

    We can deliver this Health & Safety Awareness Training at your premises, as long as it's within the UK. We also have our own venues in the Midlands if you don't have access to a training room. Also, we are able to deliver this training virtually using Zoom.

    How Many delegates can I have on one session?

    We will deliver this Health & Safety awareness training for a group of up to 12 delegates. For larger groups we can either provide multiple trainers on the same day or run multiple days to get everyone trained.

    Who Is This Health & Safety Awareness Training For?

    This training is for anyone who requires knowledge of health and safety within the workplace.

    Who Will Conduct The Training?

    One of our expert clinical tutors, these an abundance of experience and knowledge – so you’ll be in great hands! We will let you know who is doing the training in advance, you can check out their skills and experience by finding them on our meet the team page.

Health and Safety Awareness Training Course

This health & safety awareness course session is an introductory overview of health and safety issues for health and social care staff. Safety is essential in every workplace, and understanding health and safety awareness is vital for everyone, whether you’re an employee or an employer.

In this course, we cover important topics to help create a safer and healthier work environment.

The course can be used to form part of their induction training to ensure staff have a fundamental understanding of their health and safety requirements within the workplace.

  • Course Duration: 2- 3 hours
  • Course Level: Level 2
  • Certificate: 1-year certificate
  • Max Delegates: 12
  • Practical: Yes

Course Content:

This course is all about keeping you, your colleagues, and your workplace safe and healthy. It doesn’t matter if you’re in charge or part of the team; understanding health and safety is vital. Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. Health and Safety Laws and Risk Assessment

  • Learn about the laws that keep workplaces safe and discover how to assess and manage risks effectively.

2. Employer and Employee Responsibilities

  • Understand the responsibilities of both employers and employees, with a focus on their legal duties to maintain a safe workplace.

3. Hazards and Risks

  • Clear up the difference between ‘Hazards’ (things that could cause harm) and ‘Risks’ (the chances of harm happening) in your workplace.

4. Preventing Work-Related Illnesses

  • Find out why preventing work-related illnesses is so important and learn how to reduce the risk of health issues at work.

5. COSHH 2002 Regulations

  • Take a closer look at the COSHH 2002 Regulations, which deal with handling hazardous substances safely at work.

6. Manual Handling Basics

  • Learn the fundamental principles of manual handling, with a strong focus on safety to prevent injuries.

7. Safe Medication Administration

  • Understand guidelines for safely giving medication, ensuring that you provide proper care to those who need it.

8. Infection Control in the Workplace

  • Recognise the vital role of infection control in keeping the workplace safe, especially in healthcare and communal settings.

9. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Discover why Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is important and learn how to use it effectively to ensure safety in your workplace.

10. Managing Work-Related Stress

  • Explore strategies and techniques to reduce work-related stress, promoting mental well-being among employees.

Who Should Attend:

This course is suitable for employers, managers, supervisors, and employees across various industries who want to improve their understanding of health and safety and create safer working environments.

Course Benefits:

  • Enhance workplace safety.
  • Improve knowledge of legal responsibilities.
  • Reduce the risk of work-related illnesses and injuries.
  • Cultivate a safety-conscious workplace culture.
  • Enhance employee well-being.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the Health and Safety Awareness course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand and follow health and safety laws in workplaces.
  2. Differentiate employers’ and employees’ responsibilities and legal duties for workplace safety.
  3. Explain the meanings of ‘Hazards’ and ‘Risks.’
  4. Recognize the harm from not preventing work-related illnesses and the benefits of proactive measures.
  5. Apply the COSHH 2002 Regulations for workplace safety.
  6. Follow safe manual handling principles.
  7. Describe safe medication administration practices.
  8. Implement effective infection control measures.
  9. Evaluate suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for workplaces.
  10. Develop strategies to manage work-related stress and promote well-being.

Questions and Answer

1. What is the health and safety awareness course?

The course teaches how to spot risks at work and avoid accidents and injuries. It covers basic health and safety.

2. Can I do health and safety awareness course online?

Yes, you can take the course online. It teaches health and safety through videos, quizzes and examples.

3. What is the health and safety awareness course UK?

It is a basic course for UK workplaces to learn about risks and following safe work policies.

4. How long does the health and safety awareness course last?

It typically lasts about 3 hours for our level 2 training. You can access our online health and safety awareness course here.

5. What is health and safety awareness training?

Health and safety awareness training is a program designed to teach individuals about the importance of safety in the workplace. It covers various topics, including identifying hazards, following safety rules, and preventing accidents to create a safer work environment.

6. What is the IOSH Level 3 qualification?

The IOSH Level 3 qualification is a certification awarded by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). It signifies that an individual has achieved a certain level of competence in health and safety management, demonstrating their ability to manage safety effectively in the workplace.

7. What are the 4 steps to safety?

The 4 steps to safety are a simple framework for promoting workplace safety. They include identifying hazards, assessing risks, controlling risks, and monitoring and reviewing safety measures.

These steps help ensure a safer work environment for everyone.