Equality & Diversity Awareness


This equality and diversity awareness training is aimed at all care staff and aims to improve their knowledge and understanding of equality and diversity including how to identify discrimination and how to avoid it.

As I have told others... It is the best, most informative training I have ever attended

Equality & Diversity Awareness Training Course Summary

  • Define the terms equality and diversity
  • The benefits and key concepts of diversity along with it’s principles
  • The current legislative framework around equalities legislation
  • Positive action and why it is an important recruitment tool
  • The responsibilities regarding equality & diversity
  • Differentiate between an individual’s rights and responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity
  • Values and beliefs that underpin human diversity
  • Prejudice and stereotyping resulting negative effects
  • The factors upon which discrimination can be based and differentiate between direct and indirect discrimination
  • Definitions and examples of harassment and victimisation
  • Illustration of ways in which discrimination can be minimised and identify situations where it is acceptable
  • Acts of law that serve to maintain equality and ensure the acceptability of human diversity
  • Human rights depicted in the 1998 Human Rights Act

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion each delegate will have an increased awareness of their workplace responsibilities regarding equality and diversity and understand best practices on discrimination and harassment.


This course lasts approximately 3 hours.


Delegates will be issued with certificates of attendance valid for a period of 1 year.

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