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Ensuring the safety of children and young people is vital. That’s why it’s crucial for schools, universities, colleges, and anyone working with them to recognize the signs of child sexual exploitation (CSE). CSE training aims to address the identification, prevention, and appropriate response to child sexual exploitation.

Our online CSE training course equips learners to identify and assist at-risk children and young people, enabling them to spot the indicators of exploitation. Gain the knowledge to protect and support vulnerable individuals through this comprehensive course.

This e-learning course provides the knowledge and understanding to allow candidates to work alongside other professionals and make initial assessments to meet the needs of the individual.

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This course is designed to give everyone who works with or cares for children and young people an introduction to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and raise awareness of:

– Children and young people who are subject to this as being victims of abuse

– Key facts about CSE

– The signs of grooming and CSE

– The legislative framework and guidance surrounding CSE

– Safeguarding procedures and response to CSE

CSE Course Outline:

Protecting children from the very real threat of sexual exploitation is of utmost importance. Our comprehensive CSE course equips your staff with the knowledge and skills to understand and address this issue.

This online training covers topics such as the threats of exploitation and grooming, identification of concerning situations, and reporting and response protocols. It ensures that your team is well-prepared to address child sexual exploitation effectively.

Suitable for full-time, part-time, and volunteer staff working with children or young people, it is essential for those with safeguarding responsibilities and duties. Safeguard the well-being of the children under your care with our specialized Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) training.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Identifying child sexual exploitation
  • Section 17 or Section 47 risks
  • Definition of human trafficking
  • Threats
  • Process of grooming

1. Identifying child sexual exploitation:

This course delves into the various signs, indicators, and behaviors that may suggest a child is experiencing sexual exploitation. Participants will learn how to recognize these signs and take appropriate action to safeguard the child’s well-being.

2. Section 17 or Section 47 risks:

This section clarifies the distinctions between Section 17 and Section 47 risks as defined in child protection legislation. It explores the different levels of concern and the appropriate steps to take when encountering such risks.

3. Definition of human trafficking:

Participants will gain a clear understanding of what constitutes human trafficking. This includes the elements of recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of a child for the purpose of exploitation. This knowledge will enable effective identification and response to situations involving child trafficking.

4. Threats:

The course examines the various threats children may face in relation to sexual exploitation, including online grooming, coercion, manipulation, and physical or emotional harm. Participants will learn about the tactics used by perpetrators to exploit vulnerable children.

5. Process of grooming:

This module delves into the insidious process of grooming, where perpetrators build trust and establish control over a child, leading to sexual exploitation.

  • Participants will gain insight into the:
  • grooming techniques employed,
  • the signs to watch for, and
  • strategies to disrupt and prevent grooming situations.

By understanding and engaging with these course components, participants will be better equipped to identify child sexual exploitation, assess risks, recognize human trafficking situations, comprehend threats, and intervene in grooming processes. This knowledge enables effective safeguarding of children and empowers professionals to take appropriate action to protect vulnerable individuals from harm.

CSE Training Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of this CSE training for schools, learners will gain knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Identifying child sexual exploitation: Recognize the signs and mechanisms of child sexual exploitation.
  • Section 17 or Section 47 risks: Respond appropriately when identifying a child as a Section 17 or Section 47 risk.
  • Definition of human trafficking: Understand the definition of human trafficking and its implications.
  • Threats: Evaluate the risk of online grooming and associated threats.
  • Process of grooming: Summarize the stages and tactics involved in the grooming process.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Course Duration:

Depending on the delivery method, our CSE online course can be completed within 1-2 hours, allowing you to obtain your certificate efficiently and conveniently.

2. Entry & Level

Our online Child Sexual Exploitation training course has no barriers to entry. It is an inclusive awareness course suitable for individuals of all backgrounds and professions.

3. Certificate

Upon completion of this online CSE Awareness training course, you have the option to either download your certificate immediately or access it later online for your convenience.

4. Accreditation:

This CSE training course holds CPD accreditation, meeting recognized Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines to enhance your professional growth and expertise.

5. What are child sexual exploitation and CSE training?

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) refers to the manipulation, abuse, and coercion of children for sexual purposes. It involves various forms of exploitation, such as grooming, sexual abuse, or involvement in sexual activities in exchange for gifts, drugs, or money.

CSE is a grave violation of children’s rights and can have long-lasting physical, emotional, and psychological impacts.

CSE training is a specialized educational program that aims to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills related to child sexual exploitation.

It provides professionals and individuals working with children, such as educators, social workers, healthcare providers, and law enforcement personnel, with the tools and understanding needed to recognize, prevent, and respond effectively to cases of child sexual exploitation.

CSE training typically covers topics such as identifying signs of exploitation, understanding grooming techniques, responding to disclosures, reporting protocols, safeguarding measures, and supporting victims.

The training equips participants with the necessary knowledge and strategies to protect children, intervene in cases of CSE, and promote a safe and supportive environment for all children.

6. Why is the training important?

CSE training is important because it:

  • Enables identification and intervention
  • Prevents exploitation
  • Guides appropriate responses
  • Provides support for victims
  • Raises awareness and promotes a safer society

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