Safeguarding in Adults and Children Level 1 (Wales)


Get essential safeguarding training for adults and children in Wales with our Level 1 course. Develop vital skills to protect vulnerable individuals and promote their well-being.


Safeguarding Level 1 Adults and Children (Wales)

Level 1 Safeguarding Training Wales is a beginner course to help you learn about abuse and neglect. It teaches you how to spot the signs and what to do about it. This is important for anyone who works with or spends time around vulnerable people.

The Safeguarding in Adults and Children Level 1 – Wales course is an online course that provides learners with the knowledge and skills they need to safeguard children and adults from harm.

The course is taught online using a learning platform (LMS). The LMS gives learners access to course materials like slides, readings, and interactive activities. Learners can go through the course at their own speed.

  • Developed by professionals
  • CPD Accredited
  • 100% online, learn at your own time and pace
  • Translates into over 100 different languages
  • Instant certificate downloaded
  • Completion average time 45mins.
  • Progress track

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to download your certificate after a short quiz.


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Course Key topics:

  • Introduction to Safeguarding with reference to Wales
  • Responding to a Disclosure of Abuse
  • Reporting Procedure
  • Maintaining Confidentiality and Record Keeping
  • Working with Other Agencies
  • Follow Welsh Legislation and Guidelines
  • Examples and Case studies


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this Level 1 Safeguarding Training Wales, participants will be able to:

  • Define safeguarding and its importance
  • Identify types of abuse and neglect
  • Recognise signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect
  • Respond to disclosures of abuse
  • Know what to do if you suspect abuse
  • Make referrals to social care
  • Understand the roles of different agencies
  • Work effectively with other agencies
  • Apply safeguarding knowledge using case studies
  • Take appropriate actions confidently
  • Understand local safeguarding policies
  • Comply with Welsh legislation and guidelines

The course covers both Safeguarding of Children and Adults in Wales.


Course Benefits:

The Safeguarding children and adult online training while focuses on Wales introduces learners to the foundation of what safeguarding is all about in Wales. The subjects and contexts are specific to Safeguarding in Wales.

Taking this course will help:

  • Raise Awareness: Understand the importance of safeguarding vulnerable individuals.
  • Recognise Signs: Identify signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect in both adults and children.
  • Take Action: Learn how to respond appropriately to safeguarding concerns and disclosures.
  • Collaboration: Understand the roles of different agencies and work effectively with them.
  • Practical Application: Apply safeguarding principles in real-life scenarios through case studies.
  • Compliance: Ensure adherence to Welsh legislation and local safeguarding policies.
  • Confidence: Gain confidence in safeguarding practices to protect vulnerable individuals effectively.


Who is the course for?

This Level 1 Safeguarding Course in Wales is beneficial for anyone who works with or interacts with vulnerable people especially in Wales, such as:

  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Care workers
  • Police officers
  • Volunteers
  • Anyone who works with children or adults at risk.


Additional Info:

  • Course Duration: Self-paced, usually 4-6 hours
  • Delivery Method: Online, interactive e-learning platform
  • Assessment: Multiple-choice quizzes and a final quiz
  • Certification: Level 1 Safeguarding Child and Adult Course upon passing

Safeguarding Level 1 Online Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Safeguarding

  • What is safeguarding?
  • Why safeguarding is important
  • Types of abuse and neglect
  • Signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect

Module 2: Responding to Disclosure of Abuse

  • How to respond to someone disclosing abuse
  • Steps to take if you suspect abuse
  • How to refer a case to social care

Module 3: Reporting Procedure

  • Guidelines for reporting safeguarding concerns
  • Procedures for making referrals to appropriate authorities

Module 4: Maintaining Confidentiality and Record Keeping

  • Importance of confidentiality in safeguarding
  • Best practices for maintaining records securely

Module 5: Working with Other Agencies

  • Understanding the role of other agencies in safeguarding
  • How to collaborate effectively with other agencies.

Module 6: Welsh Laws and Guidelines

Overview of important laws for safeguarding in Wales
Following local guidelines and rules

Module 7: Case Studies and Examples

  • Real-life case studies of abuse and neglect
  • Applying safeguarding principles in various situations.

Topics are covered not necessarily following the module context.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Safeguarding Definition?

Safeguarding is about keeping children and adults safe from harm and making sure they are well. It means finding and dealing with any abuse or neglect that may happen.

We have an article that covers what safeguarding is all about.

What is a Level 1 safeguarding course?

A Level 1 safeguarding course is a basic training that helps people learn about keeping others safe.

It covers important things like recognizing signs of harm, knowing what to do if you are worried about someone’s safety, and understanding how to promote well-being.

This course is a good starting point for those who want to understand safeguarding but may have limited knowledge or experience in the area.

What is the Safeguarding Children Level 1 assessment?

The Safeguarding Children Level 1 assessment is a test that evaluates someone’s understanding of basic safeguarding principles for children’s safety and well-being.

After completing a Level 1 safeguarding training course, individuals undergo the Safeguarding Children Level 1 assessment.

This assessment includes questions about recognising abuse, knowing how to report concerns, and understanding the importance of safeguarding children.

Passing the assessment shows a good understanding of the essential concepts of safeguarding children.

Is safeguarding level 1 adult and children training a legal requirement in Wales?

Yes, in Wales, it is a requirement that individuals who work with adults and children receive safeguarding training.

This training is crucial to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to identify and respond appropriately to safeguarding concerns, keeping people safe from harm.

It’s important to be aware that laws and guidelines may differ in other regions, so it’s advisable to consult the specific legislation and guidelines applicable in Wales to understand the precise requirements.

What are the safeguarding levels in Wales?

In Wales, safeguarding is organized into three levels:

  1. Level 1: Universal Services
    • This level focuses on promoting well-being and preventing harm to all individuals. It involves providing general support and information to the community, raising awareness of safeguarding issues, and implementing preventative measures.
  2. Level 2: Early Help
    • Level 2 is for individuals who may require additional support but do not meet the threshold for significant harm or immediate child protection intervention. It involves early identification of risks, coordinated support from multiple agencies, and the provision of targeted interventions to address concerns and prevent escalation.
  3. Level 3: Child Protection
    • Level 3 is the highest level of safeguarding and is applicable when there are concerns of significant harm or immediate risk to a child. It involves a comprehensive assessment of the child’s needs, coordinated multi-agency intervention, and ongoing monitoring to ensure the child’s safety and well-being.

These safeguarding levels (1,2, and 3) help guide professionals in assessing and responding to safeguarding concerns effectively, ensuring appropriate support and protection for individuals at different levels of risk.

What is Level 1 safeguarding vulnerable adults?

Level 1 safeguarding for vulnerable adults is an introductory training that provides foundational knowledge on recognizing and responding to abuse or neglect of vulnerable adults.

It covers essential principles and procedures for promoting their safety and well-being.

What is Safeguarding in wales?

Safeguarding in Wales means protecting children and adults from being abused or neglected. It involves:

  • Keeping people safe from harm, abuse, and mistreatment. This includes physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse.
  • Protecting their rights to live in safety, free from fear, harassment and abuse.
  • Ensuring their wellbeing is promoted and they are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Preventing abuse from happening by identifying risks and removing or minimizing those risks.
  • Responding quickly and appropriately when abuse is suspected or disclosed.
  • Making sure proper procedures are followed to report abuse and get help from the right authorities like social services or the police.

In Wales, there are laws like the Social Services and Well-being Act that require local councils and organizations to have safeguarding policies and procedures in place. This provides a framework for how to safeguard children, young people and adults at risk of abuse or neglect.

The aim of safeguarding in Wales is to create a society where everyone is protected, and feels safe, supported and empowered to live a life free from harm, abuse and neglect.


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What are the new safeguarding procedures called in Wales?

In Wales, the new safeguarding procedures are called the Wales Safeguarding Procedures.

The Wales Safeguarding Procedures were introduced in November 2019 and replaced the previous All Wales Child Protection Procedures and All Wales Interim Policy & Procedures for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults from Abuse.

The key points about the new Wales Safeguarding Procedures are:

  1. They provide a single set of procedures for safeguarding children and adults at risk across Wales.
  2. They aim to ensure consistency and coherence in safeguarding practice throughout all councils in Wales.
  3. They cover both children and adults at risk, recognizing the need for improved coordination between children and adult services.
  4. They emphasize a person-centered, risk-based approach to safeguarding.
  5. They provide detailed guidance on reporting and responding to suspected abuse or neglect.
  6. They set out clear processes and responsibilities for partner agencies like councils, police, NHS, etc.
  7. They promote increased involvement of children, adults and families in the safeguarding process.

The Wales Safeguarding Procedures are an important step towards creating a nationally coherent approach and improving multi-agency safeguarding practice across Wales.

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