The Objective Structured Clinical Examination or OSCE is a multipurpose evaluative tool that can be used to assess the competence of healthcare and clinical workers on a variety of skills and tasks.

The OSCE uses objective based testing to assess competency through direct observation.

It gives an easily reproduced and uniform way of testing multiple students wihin a clinical setting.

An OSCE gives students a hands-on, real world approach to learning and assessment within a classroom environment – this helps keep students engaged and give a better understanding of the decision making processes and challenges experienced in real world environments.

The basic steps in modelling an OSCE exam include:

  • Determination of the OSCE team.
  • Skills to be assessed (OSCE Stations).
  • Objective marking schemes
  • Recruitment and training of the standardized patients.
  • Logistics of the examination process.

In a university environment you would have multiple OSCE stations where the delegates will move from one task to another and be tested on a variety of skills throughout the day.

However due to the nature of how we operate and the demands of our clients we offer them course specific at the end of a day of theory based training.

The students will complete the OSCE on a one to one basis with the trainer, they can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes each and are pass or fail. Students who fail will be given time to re-read and practice whilst we assess others before they retake the OSCE. We will give a maximum of 3 attempts to pass before offically failing a student.

We can run OSCE’s in a range of clinical subjects, we have a listed a few of the common areas we regularly cover below. These can have be tailored to result in specific outcomes as determined by the employer, the task and the environment.

Caring For Care are able to deliver specific training around a range of subjects culminating in OSCE assessment.

We cover the whole of the UK and deliver the training at a location and time to suit you and your business.

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