Cyber Security Awareness Training


Mitigate the risk of breaches and incidents with our Cyber Security Awareness training course. Foster a culture of cybersecurity and educate employees on best practices for seamless security.


Cyber Security Awareness Training Course

Cyber Security Awareness Training is a course that teaches people, both employees and individuals, why information security matters and how to safeguard digital assets from cyber threats.

It aims to build a culture where everyone understands security and can spot, stop, and handle different online risks

Cybersecurity breaches and attacks are on the rise. In 2022, 32% of businesses and 22% of charities reported having a breach or attack in the past year. This is why the training is important for everyone.

The Cyber Security Awareness online training is:

  • Developed by professionals
  • CPD Approved
  • 100% online, learn at your own time and pace
  • Translated into over 100 different languages


  • Instant certificate downloaded
  • Progress tracker
  •  Easy-to-use interface

Your staff are your final defence. Fancy technology is useless if your employees don’t grasp the dangers they face.

Make sure your staff get proper awareness training, ensuring everyone gets the same level and quality of training.


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Our CPD-accredited Cyber Security Awareness training teaches employees how to:

  • Why is Cyber Awareness important?
  • How Cyber Crime affects individuals and businesses
  • What can be done to protect individuals and businesses
  • How does Security Awareness Training help businesses?


Course key topics

The key points covered in this online cyber security awareness course are:

  • Cyber activity risks
  • Protecting your network
  • Responding to cyberattacks
  • Access to data
  • Additional security measures
  • Risks of removable media
  • Cyber security best practice
  • Weak points

This Cyber Security Awareness training aims to improve your understanding of cybersecurity, suggest practical changes you can make, and introduce you to relevant laws.


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Course Benefits:

  • Reduces mistakes – Lack of awareness causes many security failures. Training stops risky behaviours.
  • Strengthens defences – Trained staff add an extra layer to technical defences against attacks.
  • Protects data and assets – Security depends on people knowing the right way to do things.
  • Builds culture – Firms that prioritise security are tougher against cyber threats.
  • Enhances compliance – Laws need basic staff training as part of due care.
  • Saves cash – Good training stops expensive breaches.
  • Upholds image – Solid security keeps trust from customers.
  • Empowers workers – Staff who get the risks can help stop problems.
  • Encourages watchfulness – Staff who know what to look for catch threats early.


Expected Take-aways:

Level 2 Cybersecurity Awareness Training helps you:

  • Spot tricky cyber threats.
  • Keep your data safe from breaches.
  • Form stronger security habits.
  • Spot phishing and tricks.
  • Report problems quickly.
  • Understand the big impact of cyberattacks.

Prevent data leaks or security issues by training yourself and your team on the best ways to protect sensitive data.


Who Should take this course:

Cybersecurity training benefits everyone! It helps staff tackle cyber threats, safeguard data, and develop secure habits.

  • All Employees: Since cyberattacks often target people through tricks or mistakes, everyone in a company can be a target. Training helps staff spot threats and defend better.
  • Remote Workers: More staff working away from offices face different security issues. Training helps them stay safe.
  • Employees Handling Sensitive Data: Those with financial, personal, or intellectual info need to know security rules and best practices well.
  • Management: Leaders are key to a safe team. Training helps them know risks, set rules, and lead well.
  • New Hires: Cybersecurity lessons for new staff teach them how to follow safety rules from day one.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding Cyber Risks

  • Learn about common cyber threats like phishing, malware, and ransomware
  • Recognise suspicious activities and vulnerabilities
  • Understand how cyber attacks affect people and organisations

Module 2: Securing Your Network

  • Basics of keeping your network safe
  • Use firewalls and antivirus software
  • Keep software updated and patched

Module 3: Dealing with Cyberattacks

  • Detect and respond to cyberattacks
  • Steps to take during and after an attack
  • Report incidents and keep records

Module 4: Accessing Data Safely

  • Understand data sensitivity and classification
  • Control who can access data
  • Use strong passwords and two-step verification

Module 5: Boosting Security Measures

  • Use encryption to protect data
  • Ensure Wi-Fi networks are secure
  • Follow safe internet browsing practices

Module 6: Risks of Removable Devices

  • Understand the dangers of USB drives and similar devices
  • Use them safely and scan for threats
  • Follow guidelines for safe use

Module 7: Best Cyber Security Practices

  • Create strong passwords
  • Spot and avoid phishing attempts
  • Train all staff regularly on cyber security

Module 8: Finding and Fixing Weaknesses

  • Check for vulnerabilities in your systems
  • Fix common problems to improve security
  • Keep monitoring and improving security

Each module includes quizzes, real-life examples, and hands-on exercises to help you understand and use cyber security skills effectively.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing this online Cyber Security Awareness Training, learners will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Cyber risks: Spotting threats and risks related to online activities.
  • Network protection: Using methods to keep networks safe and stop unauthorised access.
  • Responding to attacks: Knowing how to react and reduce the effect of cyberattacks.
  • Data access: Understanding how to control who sees sensitive information and adding security.
  • More security: Learning about extra ways to boost overall online security.
  • Removable media risks: Seeing the dangers and the right ways to handle things like USB drives.
  • Best practice: Understanding the best ways to keep online security strong.
  • Weak spots: Finding out where online systems, ways of working and methods can be safer

Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked these common questions:


Finish our Cyber Security Awareness training for employees in 1-2 hours and get your certificate.

Entry and Level:

No entry requirements for our staff Cyber Security Awareness course. Everyone can enrol now.


After finishing the course, easily download your Cyber Security Awareness certificate or access it online.


Our online Cyber Security Awareness e-learning course is CPD accredited, meeting professional development standards.


What is the cyber security awareness?

Cyber security awareness means knowing how to protect yourself and your digital stuff from online dangers. It’s about understanding risks, using safe online habits, and taking steps to stop cyber attacks before they happen.

Why is Cyber Security Important for businesses?

Cybersecurity is crucial for businesses because it:

  • Keeps sensitive data safe
  • Stops data breaches
  • Ensures business keeps running smoothly
  • Prevents financial losses
  • Follows rules
  • Keeps a good reputation
  • Protects ideas

How can businesses and individuals improve cyber security awareness?

To boost cyber security awareness, follow these steps:

  • Teach and train regularly.
  • Use strong passwords and extra verification.
  • Keep software updated.
  • Educate about phishing.
  • Secure networks and encrypt data.
  • Back up important data often.
  • Plan for incidents.
  • Monitor all the time.
  • Check things often.
  • Make sure everyone’s watchful.

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